Sort IPs in lists -- Please!

As we continue to use Comodo Firewall to block hack attempts, our blocked addresses list is getting gigantic, and very difficult to manage. This feature would be a huge help:

Sort IPs in lists – They are now in order of being added, newest at bottom. But what is really needed is to sort by IP number. Among the benefits: We could spot that we’ve blocked a bunch of addresses in a range so really we should block the entire range. We can quickly check whether an address is blocked, so we don’t bother to add it again, OR so we can remove it based on discovering it should not be blocked – this is currently a huge, difficult task. And ideally it would a smart sort, understanding dotted notation.



The cherry on the cream would be if Comodo would sum several overlapping IP emtries into one!

You could try Blocklist Manager from the Bluetack folks: Bluetack Internet Security Solutions .


Similar request in GUI Wishlist.


SpyBot also adds additional addresses into the HOST file automatically that your computer avoids. Check out the entries for yourselves people (i.e. if you use SpyBot).