Ok, I un installed using Revo, didn’t re boot till Revo had finished its job.

Downloaded new copy of Comodo, ver 3.

Installed new copy.

Set Network defence to train in safe mode.

Set Proactive defence to train in safe mode.

Started of OK as new programs came in to use with the usual pop ups as expected., clicked OK with remember my answer box ticked.

Then this evening, I started getting repeated pop ups for programs I’ve already clicked as trusted, on after another to the point my PC crashed.

In terms of security programs installed all I have is Comodo, latest version of Avast, Spywareblaster and AVG Antispyware.

Maybe its my system that’s sent Comodo haywire. Comodo Ver 2 worked fine, all this happened after I replaced that with Ver 3

That depends what the alerts are. Is it a different alert for the same program. Sometimes you need to read each alert thats D+ tells you. You can get up to 3 alerts sometime for the same program and each alert is a different color or it says something different. You should have left Comodo at the default settings of the firewall in train with safe mode and D+ in clean pc mode. I use Avira Premium and Comodo will ask me about 10 times about Avira but they are all different things. When I look in D+ I have about 6 Avira entries.

Another example of how Comodo works is take SuperAntiSpyware which I use. I get a D+ alert for the exe itself. Then I get another alert for the updater. Then I get a firewall alert about the updater trying to connect. This is all normal.

I can see what you’re saying Vettech, I just wish my copy of Comodo would do the same, its giving me alerts for the same program trying to do the same thing over and over, despite me ticking the remember box.

If it’s not a Comodo problem then it must be my system, and since every thing else is working fine I’m at a loss.

You’re not the only one. I’m giving it another week.

I wanted something to replace Zone Alarm, I research it and found Comodo was supposed to be good. I mainly want a personal firewall to block programs accessing the web unannounced.

After installing it I realized it is way too complicated. It is not intuitive to use and you don’t know what it is doing. If you turn things off to stop annoyances then it is unclear whether you have created a hole in the firewall. If you can’t understand something then there is a good chance you will stuff it up which defeats the purpose! I don’t want to become a firewall geek to use it, I’ve already got too much geek info running around my head.

Reading the amount of posts here on various setups just bogs you down. Credit is due to people who take the time out to write those things up but at the end of the day there is only so much time i want to put into a firewall. The defence+ thing just fills up with files. With Zone Alarm I just install it, it blocks programs, I have the choice to let them through, and it can remember my choices.

There is an option when you install CPF3 not to install the fully capable Defense+ If you select No, Enterprise firewall there is an option to install it with Defense+ Leak Protection. This is Defense+ installed but only protecting you from leak tests as opposed to a fully fledged HIPS/Anti-malware protection.

In any event, installing CPF3 with Defense+ on only Anti-Leak protection will significantly reduce the number of pop-ups your seeing and besides, you can always set the Defense+ to “Training Mode” to Learn your system for a bit to start with.


Keep in mind Zone Alarm free is no better then Windows Firewall. It is very poor in leak tests. But Zone Alarm Pro is very good. Comodo is very easy if you take the time to understand everything. I have it installed on my laptop and desktop. I also installed it on all my families pc’s.

Comodo appears to be working as it should now, thank you all for your help and patience (:CLP)

glad that its working for you Springerrob.

You will find this amazing amount of help here within our forums. Please feel free to ask for help anytime and glad to have you on board with us.


I apologize for being so rude to you. Maybe it was my mood… I am glad things are working for you! :slight_smile:

a week or so, Then yes Alerts die down dramatically :slight_smile:


I’m going to play around with the D+ stuff and see if I can mould it to my needs. Unfortunately I’ve been brain dead with the flu over the past few days and haven’t touched it.

One thing to remember for future reinstallations is, before installing Comodo, make sure you (temporarily) disable any resident protection you may have running (anti-virus, SpyBot’s “TeaTimer”, Comodo’s BOClean, etc…) In addition, under Vista you should run the installer “as administrator”, even if you’re doing the install from an admin account. The best solution would be to install under safe mode, except the Windows Installer doesn’t support that… :frowning: