I’m sorry but Comodo has to go.

I agree it’s the best, but it also need the most user input, I haven’t got time to be sitting here reviewing, reading, researching and clicking pop ups,

What ever I do Comodo is there, it’s intrusive and excessive pop ups and are a right royal pain the ■■■■, so that’s it I’m sorry to say, Comodo has to go in favour of a less effective but also less intrusive firewall.

I wish all at Comodo the very best for the future and if you do launch a less hands on firewall I’ll gladly reinstall it.

First of all. “Comodo has to go”, Right… That is NOT appropriate for one thing, It is quite rude.

Okay… Have you seeked help on the Forums? Have you Read the help file? If you haven’t, Then you give up, Then that’s quite childish, and you don’t make any effort. Comodo has one of the best, if not… THE BEST support forums here, and we are HAPPY to help you and answer questions accordingly.


Comodo pop ups are not a pain. Its means its working. I have over 250 porgrams to learn no matter what firewall I use. I manually add all my programs so I don’t get pop ups. Once all your programs are learn you DO NOT get pop ups unless you install something new.

Add another few reasons,

Posting my opinion is rude, but calling some one childish is not, perhaps you didn’t learn any manners while you were a child.

Making assumptions with out knowing the facts, you don’t know what efforts I’ve made, yet you presume to make statements about me.

Comodo has one of the best, if not the best support forums here, well you would say that but rude posts like you’ve just made don’t support that.

Try " if you post your problems, we may be able to find a solution for you"

To you they may not be, top me they are, that’s my opinion, Comodo is not for every one, build a bridge get over it,.

Hey Spring. I help out alot of people around here. What can I help you with. Did you try putting D+ in training mode for a week and using the programs you use the most. Remember once you get an alert and click allow\remember you wont get the alert again.

Thank you for your reply Vettech :slight_smile:

Comodo has been in training mode since the 27 march, I’m getting pop ups for very single program and operation that my PC is performing, despite my clicking allow over and over again, remember my answer pop is ticked.

It would appear that each time I switch my PC off Comodo starts afresh.

I take your point that it proves Comodo is doing it’s job and I don’t dispute that Comodo is one of the best, I’m not inclined to keep clicking pop ups that really are intrusive in that they occurring every few seconds.

Are you tried some of (see screenshots) technique for decreasing number of popups?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Comodo will give you an alert for most programs you use but only once. I got an alert for Frostwire. I clicked allow and trusted. I also clicked remember and that was months ago. I use Frostwire all the time and never get alerts. Are you getting alert for the same programs all the time or are always new programs?

Same programs all the time, one pop up after another for the same program.

Well that should never happen unless you never ticked “remember”. Have you tried a complete uninstall and reinstall? What program does it not remember? Is it a firewall or D+ alert?

The remember box is definitely ticked. There’s clearly a problem with this function.

I’ve had to disable Comodo this afternoon as I just couldn’t work in Word with out boxes popping up every time I changed font size accessed other documents etc.

To be honest at the moment I just can’t face un-installing and re-installing only to go through this annoying training stage again, this PC is on 8 hours a day and is a working PC with all the programs installed being used every day, I just haven’t got time to keep breaking off from work to click boxes, or mess about wth programs that should work straight form the box as it were.

I know this may sound negative, but I 've been through the forum reading and researching reading help files etc, Comodo is taking my time away from more important tasks.

I use Word all the time and not one problem. I got a pop up once and thats it. Is Word as trusted item under D+?

To shed hopefully some light and not heat, I also have the same comodo installed and do not get what Springerrob is getting. My fire wall is remembering and for some reason his is not. I certainly do not doubt what he is experiencing is the truth and would give him a very valid reason to chuck comodo, but it also seems to me that its a troubleshooting problem. Why does my installation of comodo behave correctly and his does not?

It seems Springerrob has patiently run through some troubleshooting suggestions already and has not found the problem yet. Its up to him on long he tries, but I have been in similar situations, and there can come a point where
finding the exact cause is not worth the time required to find the problem.

But I will say one thing for this forum, if you stick it out, you will not run short of suggestions of things to try.The trouble with anything to do with computers, is that the root cause can be almost anywhere.


Another option not yet mentioned here is to reinstall and install without defense+ but WITH Leak Protection. Defense+ is activated but will certainly give you much less pop-ups that you appear to be experiencing.

Also, did you say that you had Defense+ in " Training Mode " or “Train With Safe Mode”?

“Training Mode” should be giving you virtually no pop-ups as the Defense+ HIPS is learning every application you are running. You can hide the little Baloon Messages in the Miscellaneous Tab under Settings.

We, of course, sympathize with your apparent CPF problems and are here to help.


Good point all of you. Sometimes instead of dealing with a persistent problem its better to start over. A complete uninstall and reinstall should be given a try. I use Revo Uninstaller which works very good. I have errors with different programs. Firefox was doing odd things so I did a complete uninstall and deleted all registry entries. Reboot and installed a fresh copy of Firefox and all was well. That was over 6 months ago.

Which version are you using is it CPF

Thank you for your replies, I’m downloading a new copy of Comodo now and shall un-install and re-install later on to day, hopefully that will solve the problem.

Do remember to remove the directories left behind (on some systems) prior to re-installing. These are:

C:/Program Files/Comodo
C:/Documents And Settings/All Users/Application Data/Comodo
C:/Documents And Settings/(Username)/Application Data/Comodo

People in the past have had issues re-installing when these directories aren’t removed.
Note: The directories are only left on some systems not all. If you’re running other Comodo products just delete the …/Comodo/Firewall Directory.


Use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode.