Sorry,probably stupid newbie questions..

Thanks for the free download,i appreciate it.

Being a lo-tech newbie i’ve got a few problems/questions.All help gratefully reveived.

  1. I downloaded version 5.8.213334.2131 a week back and i think i got inot a mess with the install.When i tried to uninstall(in order to do a clean install) i found that i couldn’t.I was getting error messages that certain file paths were missing etc.I did a System Restore and i’m up and running again.However being a bit OCD i wanted to clean all this up only to find i couldn’t uninstall as,again,certain files/paths were missing. Is there anyway to do a clean uninstall bearing in mind certain paths/files are missing?

  2. Is the version i have running Comodo Internet Security or a different version?(e.g. Firewall only etc)I think it is but am not sure(sorry if this is a dumb question).If,however,im correct in my assumption would i be further correct to assume this product delivers all my internet security neeeds in one and i am thus able to get rid of my Avast! antivirus and entrust all my online security to Comodo?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

It’s OK i managed to finally sort this. :slight_smile: