Sorry Please Forgive Me

Sorry about that. I have a question though, just for my understanding, how is Cartoon Network against the Forum Policy ???

It sounded a bit like you were wondering where else you could find content owned by CartoonNetwork, except for their official page.

This would imply that you were looking for pirated content or illegally uploaded videos.

I’m sure that’s not what you were implying, but I hope now you understand why the topic was locked.

Thank you for telling me that. I try my best to be more careful this time ;).

I’m am truly sorry about that recent post about Free Online Backup. I found out it’s really a File Sharing software. Sorry if I lied to you. It’s just whenever I’m looking for something and I see something that looks like it, I most likely take it & use it only to find out it’s not exactly what I thought it was. So again I’m truly sorry about the false posting. Will you guys forgive me for doing that please?

Of course :slight_smile:

Just please remember next time, if something looks too good to be true it is likely not.