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Hi, Liz777 here.

The topic is actually Comodo and Windows 8.

Just got a new computer and a friend put Comodo on it.

My prob is this:

When I walk away from the computer for 10+ minutes, the screen is basically locked and all I have is the bar across the bottom with icons which will pop up the (very) small windows. I cannot open the apps from these…all I can do is click on the little X to close them. All my desktop icons disappear. The only recourse is to re-start the computer.

I talked to the guys at BestBuy (where I purchased) and they thought it was the security—which is Comodo.

If someone could give advice on this, I would greatly appreciate it!


Help section is allways a good place to get help. :slight_smile:

What do the comodo logs say?

Or you can make a malware scan. If it comes clean, pull the internet cable off your computer and disable comodo. Try what happens.
For safety, dont connect your computer to the internet with a disabled firewall!

I guess that your friend made a “malfunctional” setting.

Thanks, Clockwork.

I’m an artist, not a tech, so I appreciate the input.


It just takes to be an user.
Its a tool. Like a hammer with buttons.

Thanks for you response. Again, sorry I’ve posted in the wrong place. I’ve been unable to find the help section. (it’s a labyrinth here!)

Tried another security program and same thing happening…proceeding to the Windows 8 forum as I’m thinking it’s a Windows 8 issue.

Again, thanks.


In your place, i would disconnect the computer from the internet. Make sure that no infection is there. Disable (uninstall) all added security (make a safe of the settings). Test the computer.
If it works, i would add each security separately beginning from important (firewall) and look how it goes. If ok, i would add the saved setting. Test. If ok, install the next security (antivirus)… just examples. Then i know the cause.

The thing is:
As long as you keep such things running while tests, customer supports will be more than happy to tell you:

Again, dont connect a computer to the internet without a firewall running. So pull the plug.

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