Sorry for this question...

Hi to all , i installed Comodo today and seems to work fine.
I only have one silly question :
Why Comodo doesn’t load at windows startup and if there is an option for it where can i find it?
I searched for configuration for this matter but i did’t find a command like “always load at startup” so i do it manually everytime i connect to the net.
Sorry again for this silly question and many thanks to the comodo devellopers. (V)

Are you running any anti-spyware products that block autorun registry insertions? Like Windows Defender, Arovax Sheild, etc…

Hopefully if you are using one of these tools it propmts you to allow/block, then a reinstall of CPF allowing the registry insertion should be a good start.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
I had avast ! ad-aware SE and winpatrol installed before i install Comodo.
So i uninstalled all and then i reinstalled them.First my antivirus(avast!) then Comodo and finally ad-aware SE. I didn’t reinstall winpatrol (no special need for it).
Now Comodo loads at startup and runs smoothly.
Everything works fine.The 3 freeware tools work fine together with no conflicts.
Thaks again.


PS : My next step is to find a freeware on guard antispyware i guess in order to be fully protected.