sorry but I got rid of CPF!


I am sorry to tell you that I will be back to outpost… It’s the third time I have to uninstall CPF and each time I install it, it tells me (pop up) application agent is not there. I can’t turn anythings on, and my protection level is set to bad!

search forum for same previous topic, but had no clue about it…

It reminds me of protowall, that i didn’t manage to properly install…



Well you win some and loose some I guess.
but shame that Reg did not come here looking for a solution to his problem. We would have helped him. He just posted a bye-bye note here, rather than asking for help!

Well, it happens I guess!


What is your operating system? And What other security software do you have while installing CPF?
It may mean, one of the security software you have, does not allow it to be installed properly. Otherwise you may need to make sure you have install service priviledges. If you are an administrator, this is not a case though.


Hi! Sorry to bother you that way, but I’m not gone for good…

By the way, you asked me for some details: I have win xp pro, spysweeper, nod 32 , teatimer, processgard, and winpatrol, host file installed and spywareblaster. Blender of spywarewarrior asked me to loosen some of these defences so… will do it.

Although, i turned down spysweeper and processgard, I didn’t manage to install it properly…
So I’d like to give it a second chance, and yes mehli, i ask for help :slight_smile:



So one or many of those programs may prevent CPF’s instaler to install necessary drivers and services. I dont see any other reason.

teatimer? If that’s Spybot-S&D’s Teatimer, then it might be worth disabling that before you try to install CPF.

Thanks for your time. Look I do mean when I say we appreciate it! I want you to understand that what you are doing will help millions of users out there! So pls continue to help us, you are not only helping Comodo but millions of users who otherwise might not have(or able to/can’t afford to) access such solutions that Comodo is offering.

We will, with your help address these issues, one way or the other!

thank you sticking with us, we will support you all the way!


I’m in agreement - at least one or more of those other apps are preventing a proper install.
It is always recommended to disable anti-virus applications during installs as well.
Many of the other programs listed are good solid apps - However, it is also because of that fact that you might be encountering issues…
Although I must admit I’m not a Spysweeper fan - despite SpywareWarrior’s blessing on it (yeah, I follow them too). I don’t like having a program that uses a “bait & switch” routine to entice you pay them for cookie cleaning… :o

One thing I also might recommend is checking your Event Logs right after installation (or failure) - particularly your App & System logs, and seeing if anything odd is showing. :wink:

I hope this helps!

Disable Processguard temporarily while you install Comodo as certain settings like blocking global hooks for example will prevent various programs from installing bits and pieces they require.Then turn it back on after.My 2cents worth since i use processguard myself… ;D

hi! everyone and thank you for your help!

I turned off PG, winpatrol, teatimer and spysweeper. Everything is ok and installed… so Here we are!
By the way, the first boot after I installed CPF, I had a hostfile alert, and spysweeper blocked… someone may explain it?
By the way, in nearly minutes cpf updated or tied to do it, launch pad tray icon crash… is cpf still active and doing its job?

again, to update cpf version, should I unistall the old one before?

bye bye!

Reg (nearly on depature to holidays!)