Sorry, but CSC is lacking

I gave Comodo System Cleaner a try, and I feel that it is just lacking on many features I get in other tools.
Before I list the things I believe could be improved on I want to say the registry cleaner is awesome.

Improvements I would like to see.

  1. Secure File Deletion (also integrated with the recycle bin)
  2. A better uninstall program. The one built into CSC right now is poor and probably my biggest complaint. It leaves behind registry items, as well as folders and files. For now I will stick with Revo Uninstall as it seems to uninstall programs a lot cleaner.

I hope one day that Comodo will have an all in one solution so I do not have to use several products.


Thank you for feedback.

  1. Secure File Deletion - I think this is what in CSC is called Wiper, and is coming back(removed couple of versions ago as we changed the technology behind) in CSC 2. What actually does is more than this: it wipes files, partitions, disks and free space on partitions.
  2. Uninstaller - Yes, we are working on this and starting with CSC 2 I think we’ll get closer to your needs.

Is there any roadmap or timeline for csc v2 ?

Thanks for the information. I will for sure check out the next release of CSC. I’m sure with each update the product will get fine tuned a little more.