…Would Create The Great Firewall Of America

The PROTECT IP act is not new but now it’s been renamed and made even worse. If this bill passes it won’t be long before other countries are bullied/cajoled into introducing something similar. If you care about the freedom and functionality of the Internet, now is the time to act, before it’s to late.

If you’re an American you can write to your congressman/woman and voice your concerns.

Watch this

The Bill - E-PARASITES Act

Interesting read:

E-PARASITE Bill: ‘The End Of The Internet As We Know It’

Support American Censorship Day against SOPA. If this bill gets passed the Internet will change and not for the good.


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Strange bedfellows: Nancy Pelosi, Ron Paul join SOPA opposition []

The Copy Culture Survey: Infringement and Enforcement in the US []

This survey is considered somewhat of an own-goal by many… mainly since it was funded by Google, who have vocally opposed SOPA from the beginning.

On the upside the entertainment/copyright industry has never… ever… accepted, or believed, any survey with such funding origins previously. Of course, this might be a first. :slight_smile:

Interesting reading, thanks for the link.

Copying has a modest partisan divide: 24% of Republicans, 31% of independents and 35% of Democrats have copied or downloaded music for free

I new it! It’s those ‘subversive lefties’ responsible for all this rampant piracy ;D >:-D

Good article in the Washington Post:

SOPA’s ugly message to the world about America and internet Innovation

Initial supporter of SOPA, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) now seems to be somewhat less supportive and little more tentative, if a recent blog posting of theirs is anything to go by:

    [url=]SOPA Needs Work to Address Innovation Considerations[/url] []

I missed this one from yesterday…

   [url=] US legislators are urged to drop SOPA[/url] []

The Definitive Post On Why SOPA And Protect IP Are Bad , Bad Ideas

Mean while, with the focus on SOPA, some are trying to sneak PIPA through:

Wyden Call To Arms – Ask Him To Read Your Name During Filibuster Of SOPA/PIPA Censorship Bills

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I do like Techdirt’s industry quotes at the bottom of their excellent article and I think they’re worth reproducing here…

[i]The Player Piano

“I foresee a marked deterioration in American Music…and a host of other injuries to music in its artistic manifestations by virtue – or rather by vice – of the multiplication of the various music reproducing machines” – John Philips Sousa, 1906

The Video Cassette Recorder

“But now we are faced with a new and troubling assault on our fiscal security, on our very economic life, and we are facing it from a thing called the Video Cassette Recorder” – MPAA President Jack Valenti in 1982

Cassette Tapes

“When the manufacturers hand the public a license to record at home…not only will the songwriter tie a noose around his neck, not only will there be no more records to tape, but the innocent public will be made accessory to the destruction of four industries” – ASCAP, 1982

Digital Audio Tape
[missing quote][i]

The Mp3 Player

“Diamond’s product Rio was destined to undermine the creation of a legitimate digital distribution marketplace…" – RIAA President Hillary Rosen in 1998

The Digital Video Recorder

“It’s theft…Any time you skip a commercial or watch the button you’re actually stealing the programming.” Turner Broadcasting CEO Jaime Kellner in 2002 [/i]

source []

SOPA: Silicon Valley vs. Hollywood in fight against online piracy act - YouTube :slight_smile:

Well, I wish they do more to prevent cyber attacks from China and Russia and other places.

They steal technologies and patents that people in this country worked hard.

The Chinese are building a space station, aircraft carriers, and next generation fighter jets.

All from stolen technologies from the US

Prevention of cyber warfare and and industrial espionage are not exactly the remit of these bills.

The Chinese are building a space station, aircraft carriers, and next generation fighter jets.

All from stolen technologies from the US

Source, Citation?

Its not like your country had never taken from others…
basically it took everything from others, ask the indians, or the africans.
I just wanted to mention this.
And you will find some technology of this kind to.

Its not allways the others.

Is china for you, that theres a place where people are building things for you for cheap? And only u.s. people are able to invent planes, ships and space stations, so everyone else who builts things like that, MUST HAVE STOLEN IT???
In china has been the first official notified rocket start in history. And in romania there was the first 3 step rocket that was noted in the books.
Do you think, if others built a plane carrier, china will built wood boats?

About the plans.
They can go ahead with censorship for profit, and they will lose profit. They will never see how people learn about new music on youtube, how they hear a song on the cassette player of a friend and get interested. They would not have as many customers as they have, if no one would have access.
Even more, they WOULDNT HAVE SOLD A SINGLE RECORD, IF RECORDS HAD BEEN FORBIDDEN (how they have wished back then), right when this technology has been invented (by the devil :smiley: ) .

Can we please stay on topic. This getting a little (a lot ) !ot!

This is about the E-PARASITES Act

We speak about factors which are given as “selling arguments” of this act :smiley:

“Fear” of others, “fear” of losing profit. Do you want to be free of fear? Say yes to our great act.

A wall is a wall. No matter where it is built. Thats on topic :slight_smile:


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