Soon you will never know!!!

Soon, you will see yourself on the TV confessing to a crime that you did not commit. With a footage of you committing that crime!! But you know you were never there! Do pictures lie?

The technology is getting close enough to make pictures liars!!!

Who can you trust? How can you verify? The role of Authentication!!!..its only the beginning!!!


This technology is nothing new. Most likely this kinda stuff exister about 20 years ago. There’s alot of stuff our Government’s keep from us so theres no telling whats real anymore.

Well, Melih, why are you reporting this only now?

I already told you about similar things, i. e. dangers anyone would meet, if techie-noobs like most of them govs out there were in possession of the latest technologies, of course they are somewhat slower than the community / the creative developers, but they will, at some day, use available technologies to get what they’re in need of.

(Btw., shouldn’t it have been “Whom do you trust?” ? Sorry for that assumption.)

Oh yes, it’s very true:
Our world’s digital “efforts” or “achievements” will, in the nearest future, enable anyone to CREATE anything the human eye will transfer to our brains as obvious reality. Though nothing new as such (just think of some primitive photo falsifications that one Stalin had once ordered to be produced, but hey, I don’t really wanna know how many really DID believe…) I really fear that this kind of falsifying is reaching a state of nearing perfection in our days. If so, our world will become an even more evil planet, with the mighty ones being capable of falsifying jurisdiction, falsifying history, falsifying… reality (of the past, present, and future).

So, it was nice from you, Melih, to tell us about that fact, but, hey, again, why so late? I guess I had given out similar warnings here over all those years. But no one would ever listen. Haha said the clown?

No it’s not just about George Orwell’s 1984.
We’re already living his literal nightmare. And, at the time he wrote his great book, it was even already there.

Now enter: The REAL (unreal) thing…

May I still say: Cheers?


Cheers, Melih. Now that Mankind is in possession of the final solution for Mankind:
errmmm, shouldn’t we all think about buying, even if sounding somewhat premature, a gravestone for our own body?

Or, is there any hope it will become better in the nearest or far future?
No, there isn’t any hope for such humble, primitive thoughts.

So we’d rather buy ourselves a gravestone, and await our UNREAL JUDGEMENT, (sounds great for a new game title, ain’t it so?)

I am already sick of this digital world, as you already might have noticed during the last months, with all it’s so called “Advantages”, cause, in the end, it will bring us all down, to being nothing.

And, what you were hinting at, Melih, ol’ friend of mine, in fact DOES mean that mankind will have to face an, as of yet unheard of, new kind of horror, and, if I am not totally wrong, this will be the beginning of mankind’s selfdestruction.

No, I will not say: Beware.
I fear it is really way too late for “prayers” of such kind. We’re starting to get lost, because of them “great”
Cybertechniques… (but not only because of them, there are many other reasons, easily to see for any intelligent human being…)

Cheers, though, Melih.


I guess it’s done.

Of course the problem is nothing new, the reason why I mention it now is because the issue is getting closer and closer to us!


You should be careful what you post on the internet. The more you know the more of a threat you pose. Thats why I have no friends, Only the Squirrel is my friend.

Remember, the movie ‘Forest Gump’ used this ability to have a conversation/meeting with J.F.K.

So who is to say what is real and what is not when it comes to pictures and video?

Why not only pictures and video? Why not life as a whole?

There you have a seemingly funny vid, you intelligent and nice guys:

Wir werden alle sterben
(transl. We’re all gonna die)

Why worry?

Just take a look at the above video.
If you’re rich, have some lobster and champaigne.
If you’re poor, have some bread and beer. Oh yes, I know, the latter can be more exquisite than the former one, depends on where you’re living.

maybe we’ve all gone OVER THE TOP already?



That’s some amazing animation technology… I couldn’t tell the difference unless I was told! My mother was amazed.

I’ve got a hidden cam at Comodos’ HQ as we speak, LOL
No seriously Melih, I know where it’s at…

Xman :Beer (:KWL)