soo tired, this malware is killing my PC slowly

Hi all
as my thread says… i am so tired. Have been fighting this hacker for over a month.
Comodo tech…nor nothing is helping.

in 9 feb all my 3 computers (2 win 7 64 and 1 xp 32) got hacked.
at same time my htc cellphone and my wifes iphone also got infected.
i think i have managed to get my HTC desire clean.
I have been sitting day and night trying to remove what i think is a rootkit.
My main station will not get clean. i have tried several rescue disks like bitdefender, kaspersky, f-secure, dr.web… and many others.

i have also tried booting with live cd like ubuntu, fedora, nst, grub2 and several other tools.
also i have scanned with sophos, tdsskiller, hitman, zeroaccess root remover and so on…
i have tried several different AV tools as well… like AVASt, Comodo, Bitdefender, webroot
And malwarebytes, spyware dr and many others.

I have tried formatting with G-Parted, partition magic and windows install cd
tried flashing bios, router, installing new drivers
also tried formatting and reinstalling win7 several times, win8 costumer preview…

i have been sitting here and tried my very best to read and remove manually…
all without any luck.

so i come here desperat needing help…

did any of those turn anything up and what are the symptoms to lead you to believe yous till have a rootkit?

If you have an old hard drive (or new one), which has never been enabled while you had this problem:
Install windows fresh on it (with security products like antivirus and firewall of course, get new installers from trusted sources). Then let it run. If no infection becomes visible after time of useage, connect it to the internet.
We would know the “source” of infection.
Make sure to be slow with adding new things to that machine. Cause of this procedure.

Try to remember what happened last before you noticed the initial infection!

Let’s assume your installation disc is “virus-free” Do you still get infected even after reinstalling windows 7 with NO internet connection (Like no wires connecting from the router to the computer or giving it wifi access). I would suspect it could be a MBR rootkit because the mbr comes up before windows and repairing it would solve it if thats the case and then reinstalling windows

If you like to narrow down to see if this is the cause

Fixing the Master Boot Record (MBR)

use a program called EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.0 Home Edition <— it’s free
open it and click on main screen
There will be a icon (sort of) that has the words “DISK 1” and right below that it says “BASIC MBR”
Right Click on it
Click on “rebuild MBR”
You’ll need to restart the comuter

or for below (I can’t recall where I got this from)

Step one: Turn your computer on, booting from either your Windows 7 Installation DVD or Windows 7 System Recovery Disc. Remember, you may need to change the boot order inside your BIOS to have the your DVD drive boot first.

Step two: After the installation or recovery disc loads, if prompted, select your language settings and then continue. If you are using the installation DVD, when prompted by the following screen select Repair your computer.
Step three: The computer will take a moment now to scan itself for any Windows installations, after which you will likely be given a choice to select which installation you wish to repair. Select the appropriate Windows installation from the list and then continue. If by chance a problem is detected in one of your Windows installations at this initial stage, the system may also ask you if it can try to repair the problem automatically. It is up to you if you wish to let the system try to repair itself, but otherwise just select No.

Step four: Once you have reached the System Recovery Options screen, as shown below, you will be faced with a list of choices that can aid you in repairing a damaged Windows 7 operating system. If you wish to try the Startup Repair option first, it is often successful in automatically fixing many different start up issues, but in this article we will be using the Command Prompt option to resolve our problems manually. So, click Command Prompt to continue.
Step five: Now sitting at the command prompt, enter the following command and then press enter:

     bootrec.exe /FixMbr

If successful, you should be greeted with the message The operation completed successfully. That’s it! Your Master Boot Record has been repaired.

With the mbr repaired and a new fresh windows, if you can confirm this is good to go, scan the usb memory sticks that get used on your computer (maybe an executable file like .exe or .scr file with a bunch of shortcuts with different names on it, but when right clicking on it, in properties, it shows that it’s linked to the executable file , if you get infected after that point with no wires connecting to and from the router to your computer. Then you found the problem, if not try resetting your router before connecting the wires to it