Sonic DLA with Comodo Firewall on caused BSOD

Using Sonic DLA 5.2 and Comodo V3 Latest Official built 276(D+ On Paranoid Mode) under Window XP SP2, no problem burning/deleting file in dvdrw disc, but whenever i eject the disc, i get bsod with 0x0000007e error code, but if i shut down comodo firewalland eject the disc, no bsod.
Setting DLA to Trusted Application/Allow all/Installer mode in D+ dosen’t help.Should be compatibility issue with these 2 software. Hope comodo can look into this and try to fix it soon. Thanks

I have had the same problem with the first release of Version 3, as well as the latest updated version. Computer crashes on CD eject.

I never tried disabling Comodo prior to ejecting, but did try with Defender+ both in install mode and completely disabled. Crash occurs when ejecting a CD containing data. Music CD’s eject without incident (store bought CD’s. I havent tried burning a CD, and then then ejecting it).

I am using Comodo v2 again. I can eject CD’s all day with version 2.

Windows XP
SP2 updated

Pentium 4 CPU, 3.00 GHz
5125 Mb RAM

Avast AV, current
BOClean, current
No other HIPS or realtime spyware scan running at time of problem.

Sony CD-RW CRX216E

BSODs require different informations and are handled with a high piority.
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