Sometimes a bit tiresomw

This afternoon I was installing a new version of the Finepix Viewer software. It seemed to me that Comodo was asking permission for actions even when permission had been previously given. It also seems that on other occasions that previously given permissions for applications etc are disregarded.

I find this tedious, and in my ignorance and laziness (:SAD), would like to know, if I can set things up, so that permission requests are kept to the absolute minimum


When installing, you should set Defense+ to Installation Mode. Then when the installation is complete, change to Training Mode and run the program you just installed.
When done, you can change back to your previous Defense+ mode. This way, Defense+ will learn everything.
However, if you don’t know whatever the program is safe or not, you might not want to use Training Mode, as it’ll allow possible malicious activities, and add it to the rules.