Something's getting past my router

I have a Netgear rp614V3. I have port forewarding and upnp disabled and there’s still packets sneaking in.

Somehow packets are penetrating past my router and Comodo is blocking inbound UDP packets to port 2026. These packets are NOT coming from the LAN side of my internet…

I have reset the router twice. There are no open ports on the router and yet they’re getting in. Port forwarding is not enabled. I have no trojan/spyware running on my computer.

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Update. The scans are continuing at an increasing rate. Now I’m getting like 4 scans a second from various IP’s to port 2200.

Again my router is not port forwarding and the scans are coming from outside the LAN. :o

I’m running TCP View and there’s nothing listening at those ports.

Do you run any P2P applications?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I was running utorrent about an hour ago but that doesn’t explain how all these packets are getting past the router after disabling port forwarding and resetting it.

I ran a netstat -a and theres still nothing listening to that port. The port that utorrent listens to is 56000.

Reason I asked about P2P was that they are pretty much all UDP connections in bound to port 1363 at IP (which I assumed is your PC). You will get this sort of inbound UDP requests even after you stop the P2P app, until the other seeders and the leechers discover you’ve dropped off their network.

It still smells like a strong possibility to me.

Ewen :slight_smile: