Something wrong opening ports

Hello, i’m trying to open some ports in Comodo Firewall which i need for Torrent applications and i think i must be doing something wrong because when i scan opened ports using websites they always say that my ports are closed. And when i disable Comodo Firewall they say that the port is opened. What could be the problem?

Here are my Comodo Firewall Global Rules:


[attachment deleted by admin]

Make sure Source Address is set to Any address and Source Port to Any. Then make the exact rule for the torrent application.

The direction needs to be set to Incoming, not to Incoming or Outgoing.

Thanks to both! :wink:

I have tried again the online port scanner and it says port opened :slight_smile:

So i guess this is the correct settings, isn’t it?:

Greetings! ;D

Looks good.