Something strange svchost exe tcpout 49157

I feel something strange in the laptop
Always watching the ports have and ip that relate to my computer
He was always when the device is off I have a connection automatically Bybee from the Microsoft website
He was always my device caller’s IP number from the Microsoft site changed

svchost exe tcpout 49157
We will see that this IP from Microsoft

This IP will change and not stay fixed in the same IP

Strangely, however, I have it 3 days ago
At each boot the computer I notice there ip does not change
svchost exe tcpout 49157 :80

This IP remains constant at every time I turn on the computer

Comodo does not have a wall warning on anything

When Access netstat -an
Watching 49157 timewait
The strange thing also when I go to traffic Comodo
Login to traffic to watch ip related my computer
I see in Firefox some traffic from this IP
Example :80

Searched for the source IP write it from Microsoft

And when you find the location of IP write it Saudi Arabia

Why Microsoft is not in Saudi Arabia

I repeat IP remains constant does not change

Do you have the same thing happens

I wish you you to use when your computer to go to cmd

And watch 49157 Why IP will be attached to the computer you have

Will will have as it has appeared in

Why Comodo does not have a warning

Looks legitimate. Broomfield Level 3 Communications Inc. The company provides content delivery for most of the medium to large Internet carriers in North America, Latin America, Europe and selected cities in Asia.


I got the same attempt of outbound connection by svchost.exe to which belong to Broomfield Level 3 Communications Inc. as sAyer mentioned as well to which belong to global Crossing which was acquired by Level 3 Communications in october 2011. These outbound connection attempts arose after I applied the monthly Windows update which leads me to assume that MS could have introduce something new to check on his server.

dllhost.exe also tried to connect to the internet after that update, which it never did before. I don’t know where it attempted to go as I blocked the request at Defense+ level. I assume also that it is linked to something new introduced by the Windows update.

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Thank you Is this normal
and safe

Contact now changed to a new ip
Contact watched does not change

Does Microsoft have become when your computer connects with fixed and does not change numbers on the unusually


Quite normal

That is an AKAMAI address - there are lots. AKAMAI is a content provider used by many organisations, including Microsoft. Also quite normal.