Something started creating a huge zip file on boot

I out this here because I am not sure what is causing this.

I uninstalled and reinstalled CIS/geekbuddy/dragon and when I rebooted something started to create this huge zip file. I do not know what was in the file, or what started it. I kept trying to kill the process (spyware etc) and it was not easy. But in the end I did kill it.

So do any of GB, CIS, Dragon do this on new installations these days? Any other Comodo stuff (cleaner, backup etc)? I ask that last part because it seems that later installs are increasingly “bundled”

Thanks for any help

Hi RealOldNick,
Where was this huge zip file being created?
What process was you trying to kill and succeeded?
Thanks for any extra info, it might help determine what was happening.

Thanks for the reply.

I am not sure where it was being created, as I was trying hard to stop it. The programme I killed was izarc, which was creating the zip file. That’s all I know as I was a bit busy :slight_smile: I have no scheduled backups or zippings.

Unless it happens again I can’t be more specific. I just wondered if t was known behaviour on reinstall of Comodo. Reinstalling Comodo was the only change I could see. While I had Comodo uninstalled I had the Win FW running, just for two minutes as I checked something then reinstalled. On reboot after reinstalling it just started.

Look if this is NOT a known Comodo install action , then I will run a scan just in case, but pretty much assume that I right-clicked on a Folder title and added to archive or something. What I can’t understand is that it knew where to archive to.

It is not.

Hi RealOldNick,
That is definitely weird out of the ordinary behaviour.
If similar behaviour returns I would recommend following this advice from Chiron to check for malware.