Something not funny at all!

I recently had a problem with some software (Open Office) that wouldn’t run after I had installed it. Because Comodo had crashed a few times I decided on Vettetech’s advice to uninstall it and do a clean install.

All went well after re-installing CFP but whenl I rebooted the computer the next day I found that I was completely locked out of it. Every time I tried to open a file or run a program it told me that there was either no path to the program or that I didn’t have permissions to do what I wanted to do.

The version that kept crashing and the version that might have locked me out of my computer was version and I wonder if anyone else has had strange problems since updating to this version. I have been using Comodo for some time now and am happy with it and would hate to think that it has caused this problem.

I should add that after I re-installed CFP I updated a program that I use occasionally called Truecrypt and I also ran Panda Active Scan so possibly one of these caused the problem. Anyway, I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had a problem with this version and if so do Comodo know about it.

This usually only happens by blocked explorer.exe when you should have aloud it.

Hi Vettetech,

I don’t think I understand what you mean about explorer. One minute the computer was working normally and the next (after I had finished the online antivirus scan and re-installed CFP) it denied me access to everything. I didn’t get any warnings or queries about explorer or anything else.

I was surprised that having manually uninstalled CFP according to the method in your link it seemed to “know” already what the settings for various programs were when I re-installed it.

Could you give me an idea of what you mean about explorer, please?

I sent you a PM Chriscs.


Did you use Comodo’s scanner? Did it find anything? Explorer is Windows Explorer. Did you get some sort of pop up about explorer.exe trying to run something? So you mean you installed Comodo then shut your pc off? When your done installing Comodo it asks you to reboot did you? If you just shut off your pc then you didn’t give Comodo a chance to fully install.