something new

I know this will start an uproar but this is the place for new ideas and im going to express my your going right in version 7 i think its better then most the ■■■■ out there.and face it in the new era most vendors are in trouble unless the buy there reviews and the newbie reads it and buy it.but most are knowledgeable you need a good marketing approach look at Eset they threw a future robot on the product and it is eye catching besides they do have a good product and they have an awesome blog and eset grid to keep you updated on all security information.this is what Comodo you put out comodo dragon and ice dragon why not change the comodo brand from C and get in the icon future looking dragon with that C its like a good commercial will make you buy the product
and a bad commercial well we know.and i know your gonna say it is not looks its how the product performs yes that true but a good looking image does change people minds.its like quickheal they have the best looking tablet security i have seen does it protect who really knows but dam it looks awesome. just something to think about and keep up the great work


and if i got everyone upset over this is is my job thats why im named Aggravatorx