Something like HJT to help diagnose malware infections

Something like HiJackthis and like Combofix and Deckards system scanner … or something.

Like, you know. Something like that. …

You know like someone gets a malware infection and you can have them post HJT logs and try to help them remove it and everything. You know like … like that. …

And maybe some kind of database to check the logs with kinda like

You know cause HJT is pretty good to use and all. It’s a good tool.

Yeah kind of like combining those together but make Comodo’s own in one easy, simple tool. I like the idea.


We all know HJT is a great application, and combofix and Deckards are solid apps, but I think they’re both kind of buggy and unstable.

This right here.;msg192788#msg192788