something interesting with utorrent and it's open port

this wouldn’t be a bug i guess, but i closed utorrent and it’s available port was stealthed according to shields up. turned it back on and the port failed (was open) to shields up. obviously wasn’t my router in this case because i’m not using port triggering. only port forwarding.


do you mean that you started uTorrent again and then the port was open ?
if so, that’s not so strange… the application using the port was running .

gordon is right and this applies to any version of CFP (or probably to any firewall and program that requires an opened port(s) for incoming connections for that matter).

Since we all agree it’s not a bug I’ll be moving this thread elsewhere.

the port opened and closed with the program. a port triggering effect. with other firewalls it seemed like it had to either be always open or always closed. i just thought it was kind of cool. a good thing in fact.