Something I just noticed after installation

Hello I’m new to Comodo and have a question, I use to use Zone Alarm and was unhappy with it so that is why I switched, since installing Comodo I have noticed that my Real Player is chopping at times, nothing very bad but enough to notice. piror to installing Comodo I had used real Player for several years and didn’t ever have a problem with this skipping, it seems to be mostly the audio that I notice most but I know the video is also skipping ( choppy) but the audio is more noticable.

Could something in Comodo be causing this problem?

Also it seems like when I installl a new program I spend more time OK’ing the permission boxes than installing the program, is there somewhere that I can read and understand how the permissions work in Comodo ??? Maybe I’m not OK’ing them correctly and that is what is causing so many windows.

Thanks (:KWL)

Welcome to the forums. First of all be sure all of Zone Alarm is uninstalled. Read here. It was under important topics before you posted.

Secondly when installing any software you need to put Comodo into install mode. Your first D+ alert will be for Explorer.exe. You need to allow that. Then when you get an alert for the installer then select “installer\updater” from the treat as selection. What I do is simply open up Comodo and click on “switch to install mode”. Then close it out and install what I need to install. Please read here also and read the help file.