Something changed some of my CIS settings

Is either Comodo or Windows 10 somehow able on its own to change CIS settings without user intervention? It’s exactly what happened to me today. Some of the settings that were changed were e.g.:

-antivirus from “on access” to “stateful”
-some parts I never use were activated: viruscope, auto-sandbox, website filtering, cloud lookup…
-for System (in application rules), a rule to allow IP out for everything was added (and another one for svchost.exe)
-and probably something else as well

What could be the reason for this? It’s the first time I encountered this behavior. I ran a check for updates earlier today (for CIS), which I do manually, and there was nothing special. However, several hours later I was prompted to reboot (from CIS) to finish the process (there was definitely no new Comodo version in the meantime).

What does CIS’s Configuration Changes log show?

Can you check the Tasks log and see if anything catches the eye may need a reboot?

Tasks Log for today has these entries:
Old Build 4792 - New Build 4792 (2x)
Old database 23833 - New database 23844

Configuration Changes log for today has a bunch of entries with
Object Added - Administrator - Rating Info
(for various applications)
and a couple for User (when I changed those settings back).

Nothing out of the ordinary, I suppose.