Something asked for permission to access the net then Comodo switched off.

One of them was an AAC codec the other was FFDirectshow (I think).

I don’t have an icon on the desktop or anything in program files to restart Comodo so had to reboot.

When I rebooted Comodo set itself to allow all access.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

Will there be a log somewhere that shows what exactly it was that asked for access and the reason Comodo shut down?

Should be an entry in Activity/Logs. Probably an Application Monitor entry.

Why CPF shut down? Do you mean the application window closed, or something? Did CPF say it was shutting down? Can you describe exactly what happened?

Off the top of my head, the only thing I can think is that I know some of the leaktest procedures can cause the Application to close, which causes the internet to be locked by CPF’s system drivers.

What version of CPF do you have?



I have the latest version of Comodo

The whole firewall shut down and windows security centre flashed up that no firewall was running.

I looked in the logs but saw nothing about Comodo shutting down.

There should be something in the logs, some Alert, Warning, etc. It won’t say that CPF shut down, but it should say something about an application or network connection attempt, and probably be “High Severity.”

You can export the log as HTML, and copy/paste into the forum (remove any references to your IP address and personal information, if you want).


I did look. Something had asked for access to the net and it was the AAC and FFDirect show. I allowed them and the firewall closed. There were no high alerts in the logs.

It happened when I clicked ‘show libraries’ for the two things that wanted to connect and allowed both.

Well, without any log entries, I have to scratch my head. Perhaps it was a blip at the time…

You can file a ticket with support;, and perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I will jump in here. Maybe Kail. He’s smart, and knows computers. Me, I just type fast. :wink:


Hi JolietJake

If you use XP, then I think it is more likely that you didn’t actually loose CPF at all. I suspect you lost the shell & as a direct result, the systray icons. This was probably caused by the DirectShow codec that generated an unexpected exception & crashed horribly, taking the shell with it. I’ve see it before, happened on my daughter’s laptop… I think the codec was a K-Lite codec from one of their packs.

You can either replace that codec, if you want to just try & fix it, or you can wait until it happens again and then run the Task Manager, or your favorite process viewer & check if 2 programs called cpf.exe & cmdagent.exe are running. If they are, then CPF is running and happy. You can also confirm this by simply running CPF from the start menu, if you don’t get the CPF splash screen, then CPF was already running.

Actually, the codec failure & the XP shell crash have probably been reported in the Event log.

Thanks Kail. I’ll check Process Explorer next time it happens.

As for restarting Comodo from program groups, I don’t have it in there. I have the launch pad and uninstall Comodo but nothing to start it.

LaunchPad? Which version of CPF do you have?

You can always go to CPFs installation directory & run CPF.EXE directly or create a shortcut if you wish.