Something amiss with 3.8.64739.471

Hi guys.

Is there a problem with the new update? Somebody else having trouble with it? I updated from 3.5 to 3.8 through “automatic update” to preserve my settings and my PC went from Ferrari to a lemon in no time, and I mean slow. Apps took forever to open and then they failed to close, Ej. SpySweeper, Creative Media Sourse, CCleaner even IE or FireFox. I do not understand. My PC was running 5% at idle and went up to 34% max. in all these cases and that is normal for my PC, and was using about 500 MB of 2 GB and that is also normal. cpf.exe was about 7 MB.

I uninstalled 3.8 using RevoUninstaller ( it took almost 20 minutes to do it. Normaly it takes 2 minutes to uninstall Comodo ) in order to re install it clean, but the same problems occured anyway.

I just went back to 3.5 and everything was back to normal again.

Any ideas what is going on?

I use XP Pro SPK 3, Core 2 Dou 2.40 Ghz and 2 GB RAM with all my system and apps up to date.
My security: Avast 4.8, SpySweeper 5.8 (malware only), WinPatrol (paid), malwarebytes (scans only).

I was just about to post that comodo is stuck in some sort of update loop - I am now on a fourth reboot after updating and get still another message from comodo that updates are available. Now, whilst all this has been going on, almost all apps are taking 30 seconds or more to start up and then respond very slowly when I try to use them (I’m getting a ‘not responding’ notice every five minutes or so; if I leave the program it reacts again after about one minute). My cpu and memory usage are also sky high when idling, without a cause being apparent in task manager.

I hate to blame this all on comodo, but it’s the only thing that’s changed/updated in the last few days.

This morning as soon as my system started up, Comodo’s popup indicated there was an update available. Normally I do not react immediately but this time I did and clicked to accept the update. 15 minutes later the update was still going on, copying some help file.
30 minutes later Comodo was still on that loop. To this day, I have no idea what version was Comodo trying to update to.
After a reboot, Comodo came back on with the version 3.8.64739.471. Is this the latest version after the latest update?
Obviously, with so many other people reporting the problem, Comodo needs to examine the update and fix whatever caused the looping.

Just to feedback, after updating and rebooting once more, I yet again got the updater icon in the taskbar. However this time it disappeared after twenty seconds or so without downloading anything, and did not display any option for rebooting.

Now when I go to: miscellaneous → check for updates, it still says updates are available, but if I try to update manually, on the screen after ‘preparing updates for installation’, it states ‘there are no updates’.

CIS has updated to version 3.8.64739.471

Since this, my system appears to be back to normal - all programs are as fast as before. I can only assume that the update failed or corrupted at some point and that comodo has now seemingly repaired itself. If it turns out my system is still broken I’ll report back.

Somthing has been well and truly messed up with the update, see
for example

Good luck getting ANY help here. Seriously, good luck.


I’m not very happy to report that (I think) comodo brought my system to its knees shortly after my last post.

Most parts of Vista froze (like the not responding errors I’ve been getting).
I had to kill the power to the computer.
Then Vista wouldn’t reboot properly. I had to do a system restore in safe mode.
On doing so, I got the ‘comodo is not functioning properly’ message with the red-bar through the taskbar icon.
Comodo diagnostics looks as though it is just re-installing the last update.
Comodo also seems to be crashing or interfering with Avria Antivirus on boot up.

How do I roll back to an earlier version of Comodo?


Hi Anti, sorry to hear about your problems. I am in the same boat. I can not make 3.8 to work right in my comp eventhough it is just XP and not Vista.

You can download 3.5 from here,

But you better uninstall 3.8 first. Good luck.

Thanks for the link, but I really don’t know whether I want to reinstall comodo.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of months, and this is the worst behaviour I’ve ever seen from any software. In fact it’s worse than any virus or worm I’ve had. And now even the uninstaller has hanged: ‘uninstalling agent service’.

I’ll probably have to uninstall this PoS from safe mode.

It does beg the question, who tests these updates?
I gather from forum posts that this is not the first time something like this has happened?

Hi guys.

Just an update. I went thru all the process to update Comodo Firewall with optimum Proactive D+. Using “automatic update” and also “clean” install. I even downloaded CIS 3.8.64739.471 again. I even deactivated Avast, SpySweeper and Winpatrol. Nothing worked. It just makes my system into a heavy rock. Control Panel took about 5 minutes to fill in, and other apps “just do not respond”. (:AGY)

Diagnostics reports nothing wrong with the install.

I am back running 3.5 again, do not feel safe without a firewall.

Any ideas anyone. (:SAD)

What about installing it in safe mode ?

There is one or more problems with 3.8 as there are roo many of us having problems. So far no real help has been offerd so I am goining back to 3.5 untill they get there act together over the new version!

I noticed the other day that when I got the message for the update I did so and then after rebooting the pc I got the message for a driver update. I downloaded and installed the driver update and after rebooting the message again came up to update the driver. I just closed the box since I had just installed the update and all seems to be working fine EXCEPT for one new thing.

However, Now Every time I start my pc the Comodo Firewall box (the one that you can open by right clicking on the icon in the taskbar) is up on the screen now. Before these updates, the firewall simply ran without that box showing up on startup and without problems. Now the screen with the Summary, Firewall, Defense + and Misc tabs keeps opening up on startup. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.

I haven’t had a problems with my pc since then (but I have only been on the pc a couple of times since the updates.

Any idea why I am having this happen and how I could stop it from opening all the time???

Okay, I know that I said that the only problem I have had since installing the updates is that the comodo firewall screen is on the monitor whenever I startup the pc or restart the pc. BUT… I am now noticing that things just aren’t running as smoothly or quickly as they were before the update.

Does anyone have any solutions to the problems?

Has anyone tried ‘online armor’ lately? I’m thinking of trying the free version and buying it if like it.
It has good results:

I dislike the amount of comodo Defense+ alerts, and if online armor can do leak prevention better and/or more quietly, that’s something I’d pay for, in addition to updates which are tested properly and don’t destroy operating systems.

Anyone have any experience with it?

EDIT: Bollocks to this. I’m going to switch to Online Armor anyway - there was a load of stuff I didn’t like about comodo before this particular problem arose, and now I don’t even feel safe having it on my system. So best to jump ship. OA simply can’t be any worse.

Hi people.

Reporting success installing 3.8.64739.471 and running. I uninstalled SpySweeper completely. There is a compatibility issue with some antispywares and Comodo and I believe D+. Right now I am running SuperAntiSpyware with no ill effects. It is ashamed because I like SpySweeper an have 3 more months until the expiration date. Hopefully Comodo will rectify with another update to fix this mishap.

Windows XP Pro, Spk 3.

Hi people.

Well I went back to 3.5 and SS. After installing 3.8 and switching from Spy Sweeper to SuperAntiSpyware, I thought everything was OK but my system was running a little higher than normal, 3-7 % CPU higher at idle, and was using almost 110 MB more RAM. I do not think SASW is more demanding on the system than SS. So, something was not right.

Egemen had said that they found the bug and ronny has confirmed it:

Re: Comodo Firewall and Spysweeper Problems « Reply #5 on: February 23, 2009, 03:27:51 PM »

Dev’s have identified the bug, and this will be fixed in the next release, keep an eye on the forum for when it will be released, my guess is this week…

I would like to clarify that it is not only that SS or Ad-Aware can not finish their scan, but also that Windows and other apps do not behave accordly. In my case Control Panel would take from 5 to 10 min to display the icons, and third programs would not respond when closing.

Ronny said:

Re: Comodo Firewall and Spysweeper Problems « Reply #13 on: Today at 11:02:11 AM »

MostlyHarmless, could try to do the “Disable D+ permanently” on the D+ Settings tab.

And yes it’s fixed, not released in a new version yet, which i expect this/next week.

What is “MostlyHarmless”? and if it is fixed, it is not on the download yet?

Could you clarify please?

Just saw this post, same here. >:(

Hey dev.

Nothing. Not a pea. Nada. The same behaviour. Did not do anything for my system. Well just one thing. If I deactivate D+, I can run my system with the firewall without trouble (it did not before. CFP or SS has to be uninstalled). Now, is the firewall just enough???.

CIS has issues with several active AV’s (unfortunately). Firewall and D+ are preferred (IMHO) over firewall and any AV.

Thank you John. It seems I will be staying with 3.5 for a little while. The only way I can keep my old trusty securities programs and CFP too. I just hope egemen can fix this for the next update. It is ashamed that when I was getting used to CFP this happens.

I just wanted to add that I too am having the neverending “update available” problem, yet, I am not experiencing any unexplainable lag (Vista 32bit Home Premium).

I do have another problem, though, and it is quite annoying for a gamer like me. All my games used to work with previous versions and now I can’t run the vast majority of my games, be they more than a decade old like Fallout 1 and 2 or more recent games such as Oblivion. Whenever I start a game the screen turns black and I am unable to do anything. My only option is to reset my laptop by holding the power button.

I know the problem lies with the latest version of Comodo because turning off the program allows me to run the games just fine. :frowning: I just hope that a new version will be able to fix the situation of all the users who are having all sorts of problems like this.