Someone PLEASE HELP!!!!

I just installed your program. First I uninstalled AVG. Restarted my computer and I can not get online, except for this forum. I temp changed the setting to allow all and I still cannot get online. My yahoo toolbar is gone, cant check my mail, cant access my usual websites. Can someone please help.

??? now this is weird. you can access this forum but you can’t access your usual sites?
have you try looking in application monitor? maybe you’ve accidentally blocked something?

Checked it, everything says allow.

and your yahoo toolbar’s missing ???
this is unusual problem. let see if somebody else can help you. sorry. :frowning:

That would be great! I am alittle upset right now. This was not what I was expecting.

I’m with ganda on this… twilight zone. I’ve never heard of anything like this… and I can’t think of any reason why your Yahoo toolbar would disappear & you can only access this forum (it would take some serious configuring to achieve that result on purpose). With CFP set to Allow All it is, effectively, disabled & not blocking anything. Anyway…

Check CFPs Log (Activity tab) & the Windows Event Logs for any clues.

Check CFPs Component Monitor for any blocks. Yahoo toolbar is bound to use a DLL (which is Component to CFP).

Can you confirm your CFP version & OS please. Can you also state what other security software you have installed. Thanks.

This sounds to me like a registry problem. Registry stuff isn’t my brand of voodoo, but the usual response to a registry recovery is to do a system restore from a checkpoint made before the problem occurred.

It might be a good idea to also do a HiJackThis scan, just to see if anything unusual shows up. Malware isn’t known for being careful about registry operations, and something could have crept in somehow.

If you go to Control Panel → Security Center, what does Windows report for the firewall status and which firewall is listed?

Also, you mentioned uninstalling AVG. Did you do that via Add/Remove Programs or via the Start menu? The reason I ask is because AVG comes in several flavours, one of which is the AV coupled with the firewall. You might have just uninstalled the AV without getting rid of the firewall as well. The AVG firewall offers inbound protection only which is why you might still be able to get to certain sites, but not others.

could be something is blocking port 80 as this site is HTTPS by default I think

just click on this link to and use the browsers back button if you can´t get to the web http:// web site

this won´t fix your problem but it will give an Idea as to what is going on.

As people have said without some interesting configuation CFP should not block access to all except one web site


PS; grue155´s Suggestion to do a system restore is a good one