someone is using the name comodo antivirus to get people infected with malware..

well… What can you expect…
Google don’t put their smartest people to check youtubevideos… ;D ;D

Their usual concerns are videos flagged because of “offensive” content. In that kind of situation comments will become flame wars immediately. (This is only my guess.) :slight_smile:

I had previously seen where YouTube had to remove some music videos (by the group Heart) because the group threatened legal action if the videos were not removed immediately. (I think it had to do with pirating the videos, though).
The point being, if YouTube wants to stall in removing this video, maybe Comodo could pursue legal action to have it removed (myself believing Comodo has grounds for such an action).

I’ve submitted the file that comes from the download site to COMODO + flagged the video.
Not many are detecting this :o

That is indeed bad, I hope Comodo antivirus can detect that fake comodo antivirus stuff… Just wanted to let you guys know that guy is still active with his video’s…

Doesn’t youtube has a policy for lunatics?

I just flagged the video as well. At least Firefox displays a warning if you attempt to visit the site.

CIS is now detecting it :slight_smile:
Video is still there :@

Amazing. (Google) are still hosting the clip and propagating viruses. (:AGY) SHAME on them!!

Yeah! SHAME on them!! And more…

I did flagging few times with my account to no avail and gave up.

It’s time to make and upload special Comodo video about that video showing in a new video that that video is bad video and this new video is good video and … and the new video should have a link to itself and explanation that the link shown in that video is very bad link to the video… no… to the site… yes

Something like that (:LGH)

care to take another stab at it, SiberLynx?

Hi John,

Well just did it again and I can see “…pending approval” yeah, right!..

Here is a copy:

How many times we have to tell you that you are promoting fake Antivirus. This is a dangerous malicious site! This has noting to do with Comodo Internet Security Suite.
Wake up! Does anybody ever read our comments and reviewing them & flaggings
Oi! Anybody home!?

and then in P.S. I wrote: “I was asked to stab you! So, am stabbing you again, because I care!” :slight_smile:

Cheers! :■■■■

If you’d like another exercise in futility, try finding a real email address you can contact either YouTube or Google on, other than their online forms to inform them of this and other similar breaches.

I can find online forms for AdWords, Security, Content Removal (done that) and a whole boatload of other topics. Unfortunately I was looking for one specifically targetting incompetence, arrogance, ignorance or “I just don’t give a running rats ring”, but I coldn’t find one.

I hope Comodo’s lawyers have been advised of YouTube’s continued breaches of their own policies in relation to fraud and impersonation.

Actually SiberLybx, I was referring to this post where it seemed like something out of an Abbot&Costello show. makes sense but humorous in presentation. No disrespect intended. I liked it. :slight_smile: