someone is using the name comodo antivirus to get people infected with malware..

When I searched on comodo anti virus on youtube I noticed that vid, I thought I was going to see some nice review or something like that, but I got something else to see: >:(

Good finding, VaDeR. Sneaky video. >:(

What about “Flag” on YouTube? Does that feature work/help?

The link to the video’s true advertisement site results in this in FF:

[attachment deleted by admin]

The video has been flagged and an explanatory comment has been left. Comodo have been similarly notified.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I flagged the video as misleading text, works?

After its flagged, YouTube will reveiw the video

yes, the video has been flagged several times but he is still on youtube trying people to get infected with malware… :frowning:

In the clip or the uploader’s page? In the former there are no comments. I think they can delete them though.

Guys if you have a YouTube account flag it. Numbers matter AFAIK. I selected “spam > misleading text” for the video, lacking a better option, and the only available option in the profile (“profile image violation”).

It’s been in YouTube for a month. 88) YouTube isn’t prepared for this, only for copyright violations and “offensive” content.

Same here.

Yes I flagged the vid as inappropriate…

Did the same :P0l

All comments on a flagged video are withheld until the flag is reviewed. I used the same options as Japo - Spam - misleading text.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have done that too.

I flagged it as ‘Harmful dangerous acts - other’

Hi Guys,

I did the same. That was flagged & comment posted…
but there were (0) comments when I jumped there & there still (0) comments after my valuable input
What tha !? ???

I got an email from YouTube saying “Thank you for reporting…” blah blah blah. The video is still there. 88)

Maybe if Comodo flag it under ‘Infringes my copyright’ they would remove it.

I’ll flag it that way :wink:


Hi Japo,

Thanks for pointing that out. There are few replies from panic here and I rather interpreted this one incorrectly. Now I see…

That’s really weird approach by Tube. I do understand reviewing each comment before publishing, so its content is appropriate itself. But not having other opinions before making “global” decision… that’s strange…