Someone can teach me how it works uninstallation tool ComodoFirewall?

I have recommended to uninstall comodo firewall on your computer using an uninstall tool (which should be the official program called Uninstaller Tools I use it not because I get a list of products COMODO Internet Security COMODO and I choose which is the I have installed on your computer and therefore selected to uninstall … and I open a command window with things he says in English and not to do … if someone explains how to use this tool would greatly appreciate it


When you want to uninstall CIS it is best to use the official uninstall option. However if uninstalling goes wrong then you can use this tool to help you out.

When you want to use the tool to uninstall choose option 1.

That dialogue is an official disclaimer, and no more than that, and is there to remind you that this tool is being used at your own risk and that no claims can be made with Comodo or the community in case things would go wrong.

That being said you can safely use this tool; it’s been used a lot and no adverse effects are known.

but I have used this tool as I said in the post and not how it works because I select the product you want to uninstall COMODO Internet Security my case and open a command window with things he says in English and not to do there … but I can not uninstall anything with this tool… : S if I explained how to use this tool be grateful :slight_smile:

referred to the removal officer? I put the link where I downloaded this tool is not official?

Thank you for your reply. Let me start with asking some basic questions first to see what the situation is.

What is the problem with your computer that you want to use the clean up tool? Do you want to uninstall CIS and is that not working? The best way to uninstall is to use uninstaller from CIS. Only when it fails we will use this tool.

When the CIS uninstaller is failing can you tell me if cfp.exe and cmagent.exe are running? Check this with Task Manager with “Show processes of all users” enabled.