Someone asked me to respond to this from Fuzzfas :)

here is the post

First of all, I am responding to you because I do care about what you think.

Me politician? I wish :)! I wouldn’t be so straight and vocal about my views. You are confusing the Idealist Geek in me with a Politician.

I am a pure Idealist geek who believes Internet must succeed for human race. I am also an entrepreneur who understands that for the Idealist Geek to succeed he needs money. My direction and decisions are driven by the Idealist geek in me and then they are executed by the entrepreneur in me.

I think without security and trust Internet will struggle, so the Idealist geek in me is trying to make sure it will succeed. The only way the security can be established is only if its a right rather than a luxury. Which means, free! People who can scrape together few hundred dollars to buy a PC cannot afford to pay $50 a year just for an AV.

This is why we have invented a new business model of free security for end users. Of course we also have built many services that users, if they so wished, can subscribe to for a fee. But always they can protect themselves for free and these are additional services for people who can afford and want to have these additional services. At the end of the day you want Comodo to make as much money as possible because you know Comodo will do responsible things with it! Responsible people should make as much money as possible because they do responsible things with it and Comodo has shown itself to be one!

So, you can laugh at my ideals, you can laugh at my passion, but one thing for sure I will carry on doing what I believe is in the interest of human race by protecting Internet! That’s my mission in life, what is yours?


PS: I had written about my views in 2007 and I wish people read it before they jumped into conclusions

Fuzzfas :)
Your nuts for writing that and thinking that 88)