Somebody help me... God please...

Hi guys, I’ve come to the conclusion that COMODO Firewall is actually some sort of experimental psychological warfare.

I have no idea where to even post this. After literally looking for a support section for 20mins I gave up and posted it here. Mods/Admins please move this to the proper place.

Anyway. COMODO has been a thorn in my side ever since I got it but I bared with it blocking every component of every application I had and ever installed. But since the last update it stops me even opening ANY 32bit applications…

That was the last straw so I uninstalled it but then I couldn’t get on the damn net. As if some final stab to ruin my life it destroys my computers ability to get on the damn internet. I had to reinstall it just to get here…

So please, can ANYONE tell me how to completely get rid of COMODO off my computer AND get internet access (I know it’s a lot to ask Mr. COMODO).

Any help is massively appreciated.

errr how about reboot on safe mode & uninstall CIS on safe mode? have you tried it?

Hello Mavrik347,

I’m sorry you had so much trouble with it, the latest version is confirmed to have trouble with other Anti whatever applications, but the uninstaller should not render your system useless.

Can you tell me what version you currently have installed ?

Safe Mode didn’t work.

Ermmm… My version says nothing. It’s blank.

It’s totally up to date though as it installed an update yesterday.

Is it still available on the “Add/Remove programs” ?

Not after I uninstall it.

No okay, but now it is ?

I think it’s best to uninstall Revo Uninstaller
And use that to uninstall Comodo Internet Security, but before you boot make sure to check the follwing:


Al those files should no longer exist on the system.
After that you should be able to reboot, and have a full operational system.

If your connection to internet is not working make sure to check the following.
open a command box (start, run, cmd) and type:

ipconfig /all

this will show your ip address and if your connected or not, it should not show an address starting with 169.x because that’s when Windows did not find any address for you and starts to think on it’s own.

Try a

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

To issue a new DHCP refresh to get an address from your DHCP Server/Router.

Hope this helps.

I find in interesting to note that although Windows ‘Programs and Features’ sees and allow you to uninstall CIS from there, REvo Uninstaller does not see CIS at all. It does see Comodo System Cleaner, though.

Is that on your system John ?

I am not sure why this is (but I don’t blame Comodo for this, though).

Same here John, that doesn’t detect COMODO.

Looks like it’s missing some uninstaller string on the registry :frowning:
If you do a normal uninstall and also check the files i mentioned you should be able to reboot and connect normally.
I assume you ran Revo as administrator ?

Personally, I have that option checked under Windows as default whenever it is run.

Hi, REVO shows CIS here. I have used if several times in the last few days to remove CIS (in Safe Mode and in…regular?).

Ever from CFP 3.0.x i have used it in normal mode, never had problems, never used Safe Mode…

Try this tutorial: . Even though it is for Comodo Firewall I think it is still valid as CIS uses the same names as CFP.

Still not working. I don’t have:


but I do have:


So deleted that instead.

Still nothing. The only way to get my net back after each try is to System Restore… How did the devs let their program get so bad it actually violates Microsofts EULA??

Thanks EricJH, it’s the firewall I’m on about anyway. But I already tried that.

If you are talking about REVO, it works very fast in Safe Mode (without all your other programs running). Never had a problem in normal mode either.

Are you willing to investigate this further ?


Hi There

You have mentioned your Operating Sytem type: XP, Vista, 2002, 2003.

***This solution is based on XP (sp2 or higher).


  • Uninstall any Antivirus, spyware, and malware software before installing Comodo Internet Security.

  • Use CIS to scan your drive(s), using CIS default settings.

  • Make sure you are have not accidentally blocked your web browser or other applications that you are running while using CIS.

  • To remove CIS completely, download “Total Uninstaller” from

  • After installing, backup your system and registry.

  • Open Total Uninstall and select CIS on the left panel and click analyze then Uninstall to remove CIS from your system and registry.


I hope you will not have to remove CIS, as it is one of the best Internet Security software today, Even though there might be some issues that are been address as we speak (per say), it is expected of all applications to further improve anyway.

I’m certain that CIS testers have thoroughly tested CIS on various Operating Systems before deployment.

So far I have not encounter any unsolvable issues, and I have introduced an hand full of my colleagues and friends to Comodo Internet Security…They all found it very usefull and effective with system security.

I am hoping you will not resort in removing CIS from your system and that the possible solutions provided above will resolve any problem that you are having with your application(s) or system.

I am wishing all the best whatever you decide.

With Regards