some YouTube videos will not play using portable C. D. on one machine

Often I use portable Comodo Dragon on another machine, through usb flash drive. The machine does have current version 11.4.402.287 Flash Player. Some of the videos on YouTube will not play and others will play; yet when I try those same videos through the Internet Explorer 9 installed on that same machine, the videos DO play.

I do not really understand. Not sure if this is bug or if something I do not know to do.

I am assuming that running Dragon from a flash drive does not support running Flash on web pages. Dragon supports the html 5 video tag. You Tube has part of its videos also available as a video that will be rendered by browsers supporting the video tag. That explains why some of the You Tube content does not get played on Dragon on a USB Flash drive.

The IE browser installed on that same computer will use the Flash videos from You Tube and will get all content.

Hi string_game,
Internet explorer uses Flash ActiveX, where as other browsers including Dragon use Flash Plugin.
Download and install Flash Plugin.

Is there a way to deal with this through the chrome Extension store, or do we need to install the plugin for Flash Player onto the computer that only has Internet Explorer? Is there a ‘portable’ plugin or extension of Flash Player that can be installed into Comodo Dragon portable?

That other computer having only I.E. as the browser would need Firefox or something too, in order to be able to install Flash Player plugin into that nonexistantly-installed Firefox or something. The owner of that computer forbids installing other browsers; which is why I use portable C D on that computer.

Download the plugin-version.

How is the “plugin-version” indicated or labeled? and does it install into the C.D. browser?

When you have installed Flash Player, open dragon://plugins/ in Dragon. There you should see, and be able to enable/disable the plugin.

It is not installed “into the C.D. browser”, but will be available for any browser that supports NPAPI-plugins (Chromium, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.).