some web pages will no longer load

Hi all, since i have had this windows vista preium lap top i have been unable to load a particular web site, others i know can, i have tried several browsers and i also know the web master who has tried on my computer and has checked the setting on his server at his end.
can anyone shed any light on this p.s i have added it as a trusted site on ie.
thanks in advance.

Comodo doesn’t have a web shield so its not Comodo. Make your browser a web browser under the firewall policy. What other security software are you using? Comodo doesn’t stop web page loading since it doesn’t filter web pages.

Are you using the default rules for web browser? Do you get anything in your CFP log? Could be it is using a nonstandard http port for access (not 80 or 8080 or 443). Take a look at your HOSTS file (system32/drivers/etc/HOSTS) to make sure it isn’t listed there for some reason. Are you using any other security software that might blacklist the site?

I sometimes get this situation so I disable my broadband connection. ie turn off the power to my home hub for a few minutes switch on usually solves it.

You should never have to do that lyn. If you need to keep resetting your connection then there is something wrong with your equipment. Years ago my old DSL modem would loose its sync with the server node. I called AT&T and got a new modem.

It only happens with a wireless connection on an acer laptop never happens with a local area (ethernet) connection.

Time to upgrade the network driver as I guess.

well ive got intel pro 2200BG wireless connection should i update driver

Drivers never need to be updated unless your suffering a real problem. I am a gamer and I keep on top of my video card drivers purposely for better performance and more FPS. Mostly likely drivers will not fix your issue. If your using Avast 4.8 it can cause this issue but I know they have release newer builds to correct this. What other security software are you running? Does it happen in IE and FF?

I have nod32 ST boclean cfp2.4 cmf plus i mainly use opera but also ie7 and it happens with both.

Hi All, thanks for your suggestions,i reset ie 7 yesterday also downloaded DRTCP and set it with suggested numbers, please don’t ask me what as i have not got a clue what it is supposed to do, (last computer was a commodore 64) well the one before was so i am still very green.
however, nothing seemed to happen even after a restart, but this morning it all works fine (i wonder if shuting down compleatly is different to restarting in windows.
If anyone knows what drtcp does in simple terms i would appreciate it(couldnt see nothing on the web site.
many thanks

p.s allways used nav before, but i think comodo avg is better

DrTCP sets some of your TCP control parameters, including buffer sizes and the receive window RWIN. AFAIK it does nothing in Vista, since Vista dynamically controls the parameters based on your connection. But as long as it works, … :slight_smile:

Just shut down boclean and troublesome pages load easily on ie7 not opera without disabling my internet connection