Some validation tips


I’ve managed the purchase of quite a number of SSL certificates lately. Hopefully some of my experiences will assist.

  • You do not need to wait for the “please send your validation documents” email. This usually comes 24-48 hours after placing an order. This is just a waste of time. Instead, as soon as you place your order and have your order number, create an account on the website, and log a ticket to get your purchase validated. Include your documents and your order number.
  • Often Comodo will reply saying something like “the address on the documents is wrong” or something like this. The best cause of action is to open the document in Pain, circle your address in red, and send it back to them. Usually they will advise that they didn’t see it before and issue the certificate.
  • Utilise the Live Chat. Support by email can take days or weeks, whereas Live Chat yields much faster results.