Some user reviews

Here are some cons. Fix these resource and connection speed issues…

Hogs system resources and didn’t un-install cleanly…Not as good as zonealarm…Even after allowing programs, it still slows them down… Not the best of Comodo. There are a few conflicts with other programs, such as Yahoo! Messenger’s ability to play Launchcast. . I do not doubt that it’ll be resolved relatively soon along with other problems. This would have been complete with an auto lock like Zone Alarm, real time information about programmes and connection speed like Kerio, small memory foot print like Jetico and configurablity like Netveda. The log should incorporate external attacks as well


Can you pls help us by putting your wishes in the wish list in the personal firewall section so that we can act on it pls.



For the logs : when you go to Security->Network Monitor and activate the “Create an alert when this rule is fired” option, you can see what CPF blocks. In addition to this, serious attacks like DOS/Port scan are always reported if detected.