Some translation errors in CIS 5.3/5.4 Chinese simplified lang file[Translation]

As shown, there is no “应用” and “取消” buttons here

Here is another one, “提利” should be “提权”

  1. In Chinese simplified lang file, the “Disk” in this sentence :“” is translated to “底层访问磁盘” , but there is a problem: “底层访问磁盘” can’t be fully shown in the Defense+ setting window ( I changed it to “磁盘”, it works well as shown below)

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Thank you for your Translation Issue report.

Moved to verified.

Thank you


You could also report it here

Thanks for your reply
But I still have a question here: do I need to post these in that thread or is it being worked on?

Sorry I have no idea we get very little feedback on these reports, any questions go direct to the member.

You stand a better chance of it being fixed by also posting in that thread.


I’ve copied/pasted it to that thread, hope these are fixed when next version comes out

Please check the other thread a Staff member has replied :slight_smile:

Thank you


Thanks for your kind reminding :slight_smile:
I’ve seen that and now I’m using the updated lang file~ :smiley: