Some thoughts on V3...

Well, amazingly (after reading these forums), my upgrade install of V3 went just fine. No lockups, no abnormal RAM/CPU usage, and (once I mucked with the settings) Defense+ is behaving well. Props to Comodo! (:WIN) I did, by the way, upgrade via an update check in 2.4.

I think one simple setttings change will help a LOT of people: Under Miscellaneous>Settings>General tab, UNcheck “Show the balloon messages”. You’ll still see any alerts that require an action by you but all of those annoying Defense+ info popups will go away =D !

A thought for the devs: I would really consider switching the names of “Clean System” and “Training” modes. The “Training” mode really DOES act as if your system is already clean, while “Clean System”, well, is a bit more paranoid. If not a switch, more clarification seems to be in order. In addition, a little attention to the “Engrish” in the GUI would be nice; some of it is almost as bad as “All your base are belong to us!” - lol.

My system, for comparison’s sake (in case you’ve had problems):
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P 1333 MHz FSB
CPU Type: Conroe Intel Core2Duo E6750, 2.6 GHz (non-o/c’d)
RAM: 2 GB OCZ (800 MHz clock)
Fixed Disks: 2x500 GB Western Digital Caviar in RAID 0
Graphics: nVidia 8800 GTS, 320 MB RAM
Audio: Realtek 7.1 HD Audio (onboard)
OS: Windows XP Pro, SP2

I think that’s most of the hardware that might make a difference… ^^,

Did some more reading here, and I think I should note that I did a CUSTOM install right off the bat. I tend to do so, since I like to know exactly what settings are being enabled in any program, especially something critical such as a firewall ;D . It seems to me that there may be some defect in the auto-configure setup; people who use “Custom” setups seem to have a lot better luck, even though they may be using the exact same settings as the auto-configure. Go figure…

Using the custom settings, I’ve experienced none of the issues I’m seeing here. Even Outlook 203 (NOT Express), NOD32, and Spybot ran fine from the start. i did, however, turn off Defense+ (the popups drove me insane at 1st) and defined NOD32 as a trusted app right away. After I figured out how to kill the balloon messages, i turned Defense+ back on and all is groovy.

Yes it worked fine for me too, but the program is a bit too configurable for someone who doesn’t know exactly what happens when you change settings. There are also a huge number of programs that tinker with the memory/keyboard/safe programs and so on and it is hard for the average user to know when there is a problem by looking at the alerts. Running in training mode (if you are fairly sure that your computer is clean) solves a lot of those problems and as you say, you can just turn off the pop-ups on Miscellaneous>Settings>general tab.