Some thoughts I wanted to share with you all

                                                                                        Copenhagen 20/12-06.

There are one application there can handle that try to look at the following web site
this is NOT for free, but it works and monitor all the process that are running on the computer. (B)
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before you dig into your wallet for diamondcs, go to wilders security forum and read some of their threads. around mid 2006 wayne dropped of the face of the earth. all development and support of processguard was at a standstill. the worst of it all, imho was that we (customers) received absolutely no explanation. admin at wilders tried to contact him and found out that his suite had been closed with no forwarding address, so they removed his section in their website. to complicate matters, the diamondcs website remained up and running and continued to take orders.
processguard was a great program and still is, but just be advised that you may not get any support and if you get hung up with a bug, there will be no fixes.
i personally hope to see wayne and processguard back in the game some day.

You are aware that po posted his message in December 2006?

now THAT"S embarrassing!!!


Yeah one Year Later… Wow!!! haha thats funny…


Sometimes you just have to wait a while before you get your answer. :slight_smile:


Do not be embarrassed it might be to late for the person who posted but it could be very useful for anybody searching for an application and finding his post.
Better late than never.

Dear Melih, I am new to the forum, but I guess that this is a route to contact you directly. Please check the Firewall section, Problems with V3, “Windows update wont download” which includes a contribution from me. I sincerely hope that you can find a fast solution to this problem, because it is clear that the inability to download Vista updates is a serious one for a lot of people. The obvious solution seems to be to uninstall COMODO Firewall, but I really do not want to do this. I look forward to news of a solution.
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Thanks Balmoral, we are looking into it as we speak.

Fixed! just so you know.

[sarcasm] So, is this where we ask to get bugs fixed? [/sarcasm]

I have a nice list ;D


I posted the following some time ago and never received a reply so I thought I would try here.


I have been using the Comodo products for about a year and I have found most of them to be very good. I am a retired IBM Southeast Area software marketing manager and along my career I was involved with security products. I have some comments and a suggestion relating to the Comodo products.

First most security products from any company are intimidating to the average user when it comes to installation and maintenance. The “PRO” option at a reasonable price is a real step forward in this area.

SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENT – This suggestion specifically applies to the CIS product, however it could be applied in others. I appreciate the almost real time virus updates; however, I don’t appreciate the long scan times to check for the new virus signatures. I would suggest that when the new data is downloaded that a temporary database be built with just the new signatures at the same time the master database is updated. Allow the user to select the option (automatically or on request) of running a quick scan using the temporary database and after this search take the required actions, delete the temporary database and revert to the master data base for all future use. This would be faster and insure that the machine was free of the new viruses.


KAV got some certificat to scan encrypted connexions, sometimes u have to disable it to access some places like into vista u cant get updates or on xp and vista i cant connect to my usenet server using the SSL way.
but most of the time it works fine, and got no prob on xp to use microsoft updates. and it works to to connect to my bank account. in fact the only prob i met was with my SSL usenet server and the vista updates, except that it’s able to connect and scan all my encrypted connexions.
this protection looks good, what do u think ?
I saw no options on others security progs that got a certificate to scan encrypted connexions but i dont know all, maybe some other competitors got this kind of protection.

update : actually my SSL usenet works now with this protection activated, it’s detecting the encrypted connexion and allowing me to connect the server :slight_smile:

I’m completely lost, what do Volkswagen and BMW have to do with this ?