Some things to improve

First of all, it would be great if CFP had better interaction between it’s modules. For now every CFP app (FW itself, File Submission, Log Viewer) are acting like separate applications. The already-mentioned ability to change rules from within Log Viewer would be great. Next, the file submission app. It could check whether the submitted and marked as safe file is on the pending files list and remove safe files from there. For now i have to manually remove safe files by using the Lookup button twice (thanks to this bug).

And can someone explain me what does the “automatically perform online lookup for the unrecognized files” option under Miscellaneous->Settings->Update? The way i see it - this should be automatic silent background lookup of files in the pending list. I never seen it in action. It could be more flexible though, from full interaction to fully automatic. I mean like i could enable/disable background files lookup (and tweak it’s settings, like lookup immediately or as soon as possible, lookup when idle etc) and enable/disable automatic submission of unknown files (with tweaking too - as soon as possible, when idle etc).

I love comodo

Performance Is Slow After You Install Comodo
100% CPU utilsation
also operate p2p program together on that time…test! CPU usage never go down :THNK

i have no such problems - no slowdowns, p2p works fine

Have there been any replies? I also feel like the automatic lookup is not working as supposed. At least it never does anything automatic for me.

I thought it was either my PC (even though it was recently reformatted) or I was crazy. Now I know I’m not alone ;D