Some suggestions

Hey guys, I’ve been using Comodo AV and Comodo Firewall for two or three months and have just a couple of suggestions. Most of them are just really small details.

I would like to start by saying that you have created an awesome set of products that I have installed on countless PCs, mine and my friends’. They are infinitely helpful when I’m rebuilding computers for others, and I can confidently say that their computer is both safe and fast. This message is not meant as a complaint but simply a few things that could make your suite even better. (Note that these are about both CAVS and Comodo Firewall)

1. The Launch Pad has got to go (or be optional). I realize this is being discussed in another thread, but I think it is important to the success of Comodo AV that you give an option to not include LaunchPad. This is the #1 complaint of people I recommend this to and/or install on their PCs, that they don’t see a reason for LaunchPad and it is just annoying to have it for no reason.

2. Each application needs a tray icon. (Especially if LaunchPad is disabled.) Firewall already has one but Comodo AV does not seem to.

3. The tooltip for the tray icons might be a little bit more informative. For instance, when you hover over it it might say (on multiple lines, to separate information):

Comodo AntiVirus
Status: OK
On-Access: Active
Mail Scanning: Active
Last Full Scan: 9/28/06

…just something along those lines, I think it would look more professional and be more helpful than a one-line “All systems are up and running” (as the firewall icon displays).

4. It would be nice if the firewall had some sort of (optional) indication in the icon when it is allowing or disallowing traffic, such as Sygate Personal Firewall does.

5. There are several typos in some of the information messages, notably the update-related ones. Just an FYI; it doesn’t really change the experience of the software for me, but it may do so for others.

6. I love the graphics and UI of your programs, it is sensational and modern. You have some talented graphics artists. However, it would be nice if you added some window effects to your programs, especially when you show or hide an application window, to have it restore and minimize itself to the taskbar (with animations). Personally I think this helps with A) the general feel of the program and B) less-experienced users understand that the application doesn’t actually close, it just goes down into their system tray and they can bring the window back when they need it without restarting the program.

7. Add some modules to the main program windows of the applications that closely reflect specific features, this helps less-experienced people understand things better and it helps more-experienced people access features easier. Also add descriptions to the modules. For instance in the Security Monitoring panel in the Firewall, perhaps add “Comodo Engine Protection” to the list and under it put “Protects Comodo Firewall’s files from being altered.” This is just one of many modules you could add.

In conclusion, cheers to Melih and all developers of these programs, you have done an outstanding job. I have switched several people (including me) from corporate solutions (including Norton and McAfee) to your software simply because of its ease of use and effectiveness - at no cost. Thank you!!


You are welcome Xiar

We have already removed lauchpad from firewall and next will be AV etc.
Pls feel free to add your wishes into our wish list so that we can act on them.


Melih, are you referring to the wish-list thread in this board? (which by the way I didn’t notice until now… ;D ) If so I would be glad to add these suggestions.

Thank you for your plans with LaunchPad, I have just read them (in other threads) and I think your plan is a good one.

Thanks again,

Yes the wishlist… our developers follow the wishes in those postings.