Some stuff I don't care to search.. So I ask instead! =)

Hoping for some answerers… ;D :slight_smile:

  1. What is planned for version 3.9 and what is planned for the later version 4? (“time machine”, Boclean, new gui, language translation tool, CIMA like heur) all those, what is planned for what version? (no timetable required or asked for… Iam quite happy with the 3.8 version already! :smiley: I just want to know for what version will include what… ) =)

  2. How many users estimated is using CIS? or parts of the CIS suite, eg the firewall?

  3. Any updates on the AV testing plan? O0

I hope 3.9 x64 will only have ring 0 hooks…

Thank you evil_religion that answered everything! (:TNG) (:TNG)

That was my intention.