Some sort of I/O activity every 1 second

I am a new user to COMODO Internet Security. After recently reformating my HD and installing WinXP/64, I opted to try a different firewall (I was previously using zonealarm, which doesnt have a 64-bit version)

I have noticed that my HD light now blinks on and off very regularly…

After messing around with Process Explorer I have discovered that the culprit is cfp.exe, which is performing 8-bytes of I/O, listed as ‘I/O Other Bytes’ by process explorer, once every second.

I am assuming that this isnt actualy HD activity but is instead some sort of polling procedure (ex: comodo is probably asking if something is still plugged in)

Is there any chance of disabling this I/O activity, or reducing its frequency?

It is very disconcerting to look down at the HD light and see it always blinking, and this actualy removes a (at least to me) valuable source of feedback which I have come to rely upon (ex: knowing when something has loaded completely or saved completely by waiting for the HD light to go off for a few second)

Hello, thank you for joining these forums.

It seems like you have a problem with the HDD LED Activity Light. Please bear with me while I try to solve your problem.

(Am I sounding like a tech support guy yet? ;D)

I would like to know if you have the anti-virus part of CIS installed. I do, but for some reason my HDD light isn’t always on, just blinks every now and then.

I have the real time virus scanning disabled but set to scan for them every sunday.

The firewall is set to Safe Mode, and Defense+ is set to CLean PC mode.