Some sites blocked as well as part of a web page

Hi, I was just wondering does comodo firewall ever cause blocking of sites on the internet?
The funny thing is I tried a proxy with the same country Im in and it worked, go figure. All settings are typical, web broser is the setting Ive used for firefox and yes I have tried other browsers but the same thing happens. I dont think its my ISP.

Did you enable Comodo Secure DNS upon installation? That will block access to suspicious sites. You will get a message in your browser screen in that case.

No I didnt install DNS secure, what settings should I check?

Check Appendix 1 Comodo Secure DNS service to see how you can check your DNS settings.

Were the DNS settings set to automatic or to manually configured DNS servers? What IP addresses were set?

Everything seems to be set to automatic. I was wondering I tried OpenVPN before, it was reccomended to me for security, I tried it and didnt like it, I may have reinstalled and unistalled it from other providers that used this. It was about after this time I started to experience problems. I think it installed a virtual tap adapator or something like that. Did that ■■■■■ up my internet settings?

I went to the router page and checked DNS, it was ticked for Enable Automatic Assigned DNS.

I also disabled 1394 connection.

Ive also used Comodo Trust Connect and it is installed on my system. Im on Windows XP SP3 PRO, Comodo Firewall Version: 4.1.150349.920

I sent a pm to Vadim who is one of the people working on TC and replied the following:

May be it of help for you.