Some script on page is not working

I am using COMODO from a few year.
I am also using for a e-mail the following provider:
So they have two pages for e-mail - “standard” at address >< and “new stile” at address >АБВ Поща<.
And now about the problem: standard style works normally, but New style can’t to be loaded. The New style is working properly with other browsers like IE, Opera. Further more New style has working properly with Dragon also. But now not. I don’t know who made changes the developers of or the developers of Dragon.
What is your opinion about the problem. You may register and check it yourself.
Alex Kovach.

Hi and welcome alexkow,
I haven’t signed up to test, but you could try disabling ‘Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header)’ if it is enabled found under privacy in the advanced settings.

Kind regards.