Some recommendations

Great job on your new security suite product. However I have some recommendations to make…
First a tiny one. Wouldn’t it be nice for the tooltip in the taskbar icon rather than just showing the product’s name also showing some information about when the last update occurred?
The second is about the sandbox. I would consider proper for the applications in the sandbox to stop automatically after some time(preferable customized by user) or if the user was able to determine the exact amount of ram memory the sandoxed applications may use. If this amount is exceeded then a warning should be shown and some older applications should be automatically killed.
Finally, I would like to recommend you not showing show much messages, but for some malicious files (of high risk) the user should be able to define the default action, so not to be interrupted all the time.
Continue the good work!!!

An application can run normally in sandbox until you close it. But if you want to force the shutdown, you can view the sandboxed apps by opening CIS and clicking on the number in the Defense+ section (summary panel).

Like what for example?
You can use Game Mode if you don’t want to be interrupted during a game (but remember to disable it after !!)

A similar wish was posted here and here:
When a sandboxed application is using too much CPU time, it can bog down your computer and make it unusable. In this circumstance, we have suggested that CIS limit the CPU time of sandboxed applications (which prevents any sandboxed program from slowing your computer to a halt). Also, Languys suggestion gets rid of orphaned processes so they do not bog down the computer.

You can use the option to “automatically quarantine threats found during scanning” [selected by navigating to antivirus > scanner settings > real-time scanning tab]. This will automatically quarantine any threat found during real-time scanning. If you do not want any notification that the auto quarantine has occurred, you can disable “show balloon messages” [selected by navigating to More > preferences > general]. These options allow you set the AV so you are not interrupted by detections.

As you suggested, it would be nice to define the default action taken by the AV (see pic for example).

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Well, talking some recommendations (has anybody brought it up before?):

Can we have CIS to automatic update on the virus definition on a daily basis? Something like Avast? So that users don’t have to now and then go to click the update now option? It’s getting a bit annoying…


Virus updates are done automatically currently (default), without any user intervention.
(go to AntiVirus/scanner Settings).

Ouch! my bad… didn’t read the option careful enough! ;D

I would like to make two more recommendations.
First I think it would be really nice if the Comodo antispam could be integrated into the CIS (one tray icon, and one console to manage them all)
second, I would also like to see the privacy cleaner module from CSC integrated into the suite.

I really think comodo should change is default configuration to automatically quarantine, that´s really important to reach the newbies. It passes the wrong message that in comodo everything is done manually( it can be in a youtube video or just using it at home).
For example i installed CIS5 in a friend´s computer (he had panda) and told him the basics (especially the sandbox process), a few days later he caught a virus, he pressed clean (he did not know what that meant), and he just called and said “panda cloud antivirus is better, it works without asking a question”, and then i had to explain.
Basically is better for newbies, better publicity (youtube videos), and a average or experience user can always change the settings later.
And of course there should be a notification without selecting “show baloon messages” , because the others messages are very annoying.

I like it as it is, and i don’t think it should automatically quarantine.

But the “clean” button should be changed, so it doesn’t delete the file if it can’t be cleaned. It should rather add it to quarantine automatically, and then we can delete the file from there.
Or ask afterwards if it should be ignored, or quarantined, if it not could be cleaned.


Many times I have raised this question & taken a Poll too that from the view point of average users the current default Clean on Antivirus Alert & Scan Results Window is dangerous coz it deletes the file & the word is confusing. So either Quarantine should be the default visible button & Clean renamed to Delete should be in the drop down menu or make Quarantine & Delete both visible. Disinfect also deletes the file if it is not able to disinfect the file, this is also a very wrong & dangerous approach. I think Disinfect should either give options to Quarantine, Delete & Ignore if it fails to disinfect the files or Disinfect should not be there & disinfection of files should be automatically on detection & the Antivirus Alert should appear when automatic disinfection fails & if automatic disinfection succeeds it should say files detected & disinfected successfully.


May I make two other recommendations;
First, a home network management console for checking the security of home network computers.
Second, an option to update the database in the right click menu of tray icon.