Some reassurance needed

well im new here as you probably guessed but im a bit paranoid that my security may not be to the standard that it should be so i thought i would get some reassurance from the pros
im using Windows Vista 32bit, im on the Administartor account with UAC disabled and no password (im the only user)

i have NOD32 v2.7, Comodo Firewall Pro v3 and Superantispyware pro on with real time protection.
i use Firefox with Adblock plus and the NOScript plugin.
is this good enough?

im unsure about NOD32 slightly as i was a Kaspersky user before and it seemed more alive lol.
also does NOD32 scan and disinfect the system restore files and .rar archives?

Also how is Superantispyware pro better or worse than the other anti spyware apps like spyware blaster and spyware terminator which i have seen you guys using? - previosly i was using Spybot Search and Destroy.

(R) so nothing required here lol

thanks for your help in advance (:WIN)

Superantispyware has some kernel drivers and some HIPS functions, so it is better not to run it realtime with Defense+ of Comodo.

To protect your computer from Buffer Overflow (BO) attacks there is Comodo Memory Firewall. Wait a couple of days, maybe it will be part of CFP v3.1. Otherwise, you may try to install it separately. It is very stable despite status “beta”.
With it you may “weaken settings” for Adblock and NOScript plugins.

As for comparison of products you mention, everybody has its own subjective opinions, and there is no way to come to one answer. Maybe it is better to consider each of them approx equal.

It will always be subjective because it depends on your knowledge, habits, experience, etc. in addition to the quality of the programs that you’re seeking for.

There are numerous threads on such topics. Few examples:

I think your setup is great because it covers the common attack vectors and it’s very balanced with (one of) the best programs for each type. When it comes to anti-spyware, especially for just on-demand scanners (i.e. the blacklist scanners), you can never have too many. This assumes you’re concerned about spyware. But given the fact that you use NOScript, there is little to no use for AS’s other than for backup or confirming that you prevention programs are working once in a while. I also agree with goodbrazer on CMF.

Your setup is more then enough. I am a former Kaspersky user (kaspersky started acting up) and the reason why nod32 dosnt seem ‘as alive’ is because nod 32 has faster scanner speeds, which allows it to process more files much more quickly then Kaspersky.

That setup is quite sufficient for normal online activity and should protect against any threats you’re likely to encounter.It’s only when visiting the darker recesses of the net such as warez,P2P or crack sites that possibly more protection would be required and even then CFP mitigates a great deal of threats. :Beer

Well actually NOD 32 (I am using it) can even handle that on the antivirus side. Its heuristics, and outstanding signature base provide sufficient detection. I use P2P and I am quite fine over here. :slight_smile:

Aside from the security cocktail you have, I see that you’re running as Admin, with UAC disabled, and no system password. Fine that you’re the only user, but passwords do more than just provide physical security/control access to the computer. If you’re connected to the internet, it’s only a matter of time until you’re probed at some point or other, even if it’s just by somebody trying to see if they can become a “hacker” with some scripts they downloaded off the web.

Having a strong password for your system is one layer of protection not only for physical access control, but also digital. Even if you’re the only “user” I still have to recommend a strong password, changed regularly. Even better to run as a Limited User and a different strong password changed regularly. Any time you leave the machine, activate the password.

Part of all the reason for this is that the OS has vulnerabilities that can be exploited (thru active services, etc) that there’s always a chance your security won’t catch. Security being a balance against usability, passwords are an easy barrier to implement.


can anyone confirm the above?
thanks for your help guys i feel a lot better and am probably going to put a pssword on my pc to make it nice and secure. i didnt want to run too many apps as i like my pc to boot up fast and be fast all round so i just wanted to run the minimum needed to protect my pc well. :SMLR

Yes it can, NOD can scan the inside of them too, if they arent protected by a password.

Avira free (at highest heuristic settings) is certainly better now than nod32.

Also, I would really recommend you to use free AVG antispyware (former ewido) and emsisoft a-squared free. (not just SAS)

Cheers friend.

“Avira free (at highest heuristic settings) is certainly better now than nod32.”

I still beg to differ. NOD 32 has been proven to me and many others, that NOD 32 is still the leader in heuristic detection.

Generally I think NOD 32 is better then avira, more customization, and less on resources.

Hi friend

I still beg to differ. NOD 32 has been proven to me and many others, that NOD 32 is still the leader in heuristic detection.

I think that is news from tests they did more than one year ago? Am I right? Time’s are a changing

Dont forget tests are tests. They honestly dont matter much any more… Norton scores a round 95% detection, yet it is complete crap in a real scenario.

I agree,any new customer looking to buy Norton would be forgiven for thinking it’s a fantastic product based on those tests.Alas once they’ve experienced it’s real world ‘performance’ and seen their dual core system turn into a pentium overnight,the truth will be revealed to them. (:TNG)

Hi Guys

Yes, AntiVirus choices can be somewhat subjective at times but speaking as someone who has worked as an Independant “Unknown New Varient” tester for over 15 of the top AV vendors (and AntiSpyware) for 7 years, I do have some inside knowledge of most products. While I haven’t woked at this actively for 3 years since all major AV vendors no longer use “Independants”, I still follow them and their advances. Here’s how I see it…

Avira has made GREAT gains in their product the last few years, I have to commend them for this Well Done! At this point I don’t have any problems with telling folks to stay with Avira if they have it. One of Avira’s problems with their heuristics engine is that it just generates too many false positives, while Eset NOD32 doesn’t…none in fact. I recommend that Avira owners do a little double checking on “possible” infected items caught by it’s heuristics before deleting any, as some of it’s false positive results have listed important files as “Possible Infected” files.

There isn’t a product made today that can match Eset’s heuristics, nor even come CLOSE to their overall record with the most trusted of AV testing labs (Virus Bulletin, AV Comparatives for 2). VB100 Awards is still the industry’s most top sought after award, and ESET owns all the records except for failures of course.

Kaspersky has been having some issues of late and in my (and many others) opinion has dropped down the ladder a rung or two, but they’ll be back. They have too many good engineers to stay down for long.
Eset’s NOD32 is probably still the industry leader in most AV testers minds (and tests), but there are many products that have made tremendous gains in their engines and heuristics and are close on the tail of NOD32. But Eset has been so far ahead in heuristics that they just keep ahead of the pack every year…it’s hard to catch up but many are trying hard and doing good at it. As everyone else makes advances in their heuristic detection methods, Eset does also and that just keeps them ahead. Plus their scanning engine is fast…whooo…if it were a NASCAR team at Daytona, it would be a Dale Jr, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Casey Mears kinda team at Hendrick.

Sorry…got a bit long there, but for the OP…your setup is good. You have quality products for the 3 main aspects of Security and with a good dose of Common Sense, you will be well protected with what you have…no need to change.


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Hi Chappy.

Very interesting post there,it’s always good to get feedback from an expert tester. :Beer