Some random Internet Help

I am trying to fix my girlfriends computer… Her internet on her DELL PC is connected from their Comcast Cable Modem. The internet will work for about 2-3 hours then just shut down. Comcast has been over about everyday trying to recode and everything (not sure what they did) and they get it to work, then couple hours later the internet just stops working. I heard about a possibility maybe the ip address isnt renewing itself. I dont know if thats it but just threw an idea out there… Also wondering if it could be a Registry or Virus Issue and if thats possible i can take my stuff over and do some scans. Let me know if you have any ideas and how to go about them… Thanks

I got no idea as to what may course this.
A virus/trojan whatever could potentially make the Internet unstable.;msg242493#msg242493

Check Xan’s post there for some good softwares that you could try to scan with.

I would skip the backup step however. The internet is stable 2-3 hours every time and then it dies? Or you can’t access the Internet at all now from her place?

The internet works for 2-3 hours then dies… Then they have to call Comcast again and come do whatever and get it back online. but whatever those tools do its just a quick i was thinking maybe a registry issue or virus too… I was going to take comodo and all over there and clean it out… i would have to take it from my comp though since hers only works when they come and “fix” it… just take the .exe files on a cd and upload and save and all there right?

Thanks again i have all the scans now and will see what i can do… Some people are saying its her computer (might be the case) but let me save her a grand… Who knows maybe it will work out in my favor…lol :THNK

I don’t know how you mean here…But you take the unpacked exe files and extract the files onto her computer…
Make sure you inactivate/remove any previous firewalls/antivirus softwares if you install CIS.

This could very well be a configuration error as well, ex IP renewal as they said, if so you probably need to access her router (if she has one), usually by typing in or in her browser and alter some settings, if that is the case then its way to complicated or at least it takes too much time for me to explain anything, hope you solve it, I bet you do! =)

Got a paranoid theory too, maby those Comcast guys think your girlfriend is hot and they dissable her connection with the hope that she gives a call so they can hear her sexy voice… :wink: :slight_smile:

Anyway, Have a nice day! I know I will. =)

thanks for all the help she hasnt been home this week for me to help with it so i will let you know how it goes… and thanks for the last comment if thats the case their paying for their visits…lol