1. :slight_smile: I’d like to know why i would have to “Navigate to Defense+ > Common Tasks > My Protected Files then click the ‘My Groups’ button” to put a application program in one group first when i want to put one policy in one group in the Computer Security Policy area.And I think it will take me pleasure that if i can pull my application program with the policy into a file group directly in Computer Security Policy or other area.
  2. :(COMODO’s configurations are put in “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\comodo”,and it have troubled me so much,for i used Returnil Virtual System the same time,so i must have to reboot 2 times to apply the modification of COMODO’s configurations.could you make the configuration path of new version be selectable.
  3. ???How can i limited the download/upload speed of one application program (for example PPStream/thunder/bitcomet) with COMODO?
  4. (L)You must have been doubt my poor english ^_^,because i’m chinese,so i’m caring about that when the chinese language patch of COMODOV3.0 will be produced.
    最后,要祝我们的COMODO越做越好,程序员们万事顺利! :■■■■