some questions about VD

  1. If I install heavy loaded game (which requires much cpu/memory) in Virtual Desktop, will VD also be burden of this? I mean will game require even more cpu/memory?
    2.Will my lag increase with Vd when playing online?
    3.Does VD virtualize entire hdd or only partition C where OS is installed?
  2. What are the main difference between VirtualBox and Comodo VD?


Short answer is yes. The game will be ran virtual which consumes it’s own resources. The honest answer is it depends on you specs and GPU. The only way to answer your question in depending on what kind of PC your trying to accomplice this on.

Well I’m not trying to find out this for my current PC, it’s weak. I just want know if there’s some known quotes of this. Also, what about my other questions, can anyone tell me what’s the main differences between Comodo VD and VirtualBox, I want to decide which only one to use.

Both are visualization programs which I’m unfamiliar with. I use VMware. From what i do understand it’s all about the ring level and the type of Hypervisor. Maybe this will help with your question. I’m sure one of the forum users has a stronger grasp on this subject than I do.

Good Luck